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  1. Average Dutch Games

    pff, i thought i was doing well with 60 kills or so. nice job man

  2. zain martin-smith

    noah chat there is no way i am going in that room 1 secont later chat im going in the room

  3. Jayden Dembowski

    How tf does Ethan get so beat up and cut up and still manage to walk and fight fine?

  4. Jake Haskin

    That daughter fight was literally pathetic if that's supposed to be a boss I don't see where the fun or challenge comes in to play....

  5. V3nom gaming

    where is part 4

  6. MC M.C

    Holy shit i cant believe noah found dababy in RE 8! Mad respect

  7. vmwindustries

    Not sure if I will make it though the night, but keep playing games, and reading them to people so they can follow along....cheers from Canada

  8. antfbi

    Less then a week later he comes back. I hope your channel gets deleted

  9. Indrwahyu 28

    Lah mantep itu map nya 👍

  10. Juan Felipe Medina

    2:33:54 too real bro 🤣🤣 watching this at 2:57am in the morning really got me at 1% volume

  11. OHR

    NOAH KILLING BABES! ( if you know you know)

  12. Rowan Mortensen

    Road to 10mill 🤙🤙

  13. Rowan Mortensen

    Some of the best streams were the flamingo squad ones 🤙👌👌

  14. Chad Debuff

    Wait you never played resident evil 4....? Play it! Now lol

  15. vmwindustries

    It's like watching a kid playing....oh wait.....he is a younger man, and doesn't have the ability to calculate....jks NoahJ456 I'm drunk in Canada and hooked on the videos. You remind me of my nephew. That is now a stranger to me now when I was so much there for him when my sister was all fd up, but now it's my turn.....I guess.....wtf.....hate my life just want to be better for my kids....every thing feels like a dream as I am almost dead in this bed...enough about me!!!!!!!!! You!!!!! Yes!!!!! You!!!!!!!! Make people happy to watch your games, and just chill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......... Thanks for just having fun!!!!!! Enjoy life, it can end in a minute, and you never see it coming!!!!! Cheers, doppelganger too Tyler Evans in Toronto Canada 🇨🇦. Anyway, thanks for everything, hope to make it until tomorrow....wtf....can't tell my family I'm a failure 💯 👌 Love kid Keep just enjoying life!!!!!!

  16. Living Syndicate Boy

    Rk5 Packs a Punch GOOD GOOD GOOD

  17. JazZy Plays

    We love you homie ❤️

  18. Hamood Ali

    Keep it up bro

  19. King Spirit

    The Goat went down 4 times by the Goat map gun survival ! Loved Town survival, so many memories lol!

  20. ben gri

    2:32:52 Hahahahahahahahahaha

  21. Phan Đỗ Điền Minh

    Moreau is ugly but i feel bad for him not gonna like

  22. bongoboyj

    At least you acquired the 1911. The zombie community will be happy. 🧟‍♂️

  23. wassam bich


  24. Sinister Surfer

    I agree, this one is better than 7. Feels more true RE

  25. BornSinners13

    Man wtf

  26. Logan Flores

    The fact he named one of the characters Karen is so funny 🤣

  27. Living Syndicate Boy

    Lol F?$!# Resident Evil Village NoaJ456 F?$!#

  28. Lolbit's Pack

    Willam afton killed the kid the kids are the animatronics

    1. Lolbit's Pack

      Also willam is springtrap

  29. Living Syndicate Boy

    NoahJ456 F?$!#

  30. Bryce Crenshaw

    I pray he plays re4. And if he does he should play the wii edition lol. That was so dope with the zapper.

  31. Lucas Sandoval

    So in summary. We all got Rick rolled

  32. Logan Flores

    This is a true Zombies map

  33. twiintm3

    everytime the werewolf ran at him, i felt like something was grabbing my neck lmaooooo

    1. Sinister Surfer

      Dude same!

  34. Nick Ramsay

    Noah you're legend but for the love of god stop trying to loot everything it's the Bain of my patience 🤣🤣🤣

  35. Loser Gaming

    Welcome back you made me want to start streaming and follow my dreams ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  36. Neeko21

    That’s got to be the best first 10 minutes of any stream I’ve seen lol

  37. Noobjesus 13

    Wait till noah finds out what a B.O.W is

  38. Sean C

    Props to anyone who could watch or play this with the lights off

  39. Somebody Alive

    Alt Title: Noah cyber bullying a depressed frogman

  40. Knoxx 555

    Can't wait to see the big lady come back in the DLC

  41. Brandon Kallu

    Skipped though the video 6 times and each time he was hitting the box, Great ee

  42. Terminator Snek

    The chat lmao on every vampire lady scene lol She do be bad tho I’d hit that

  43. Alexander Dillon


  44. Reming_ Loder

    Somehow my Notis for him got turned off so i missed part 2 and 3

  45. Ghost Plays

    He read the comments that’s why he came back

  46. bryon hughes

    You should definitely do speedruns and new game + and the horde mode thing

  47. Adrianna Gardner


  48. Jon Eggett

    Noah always got me watchin til the end

  49. Blamtuckee

    Man who put his own severed hand back on with herb juice questions putting a baby's head back on please

  50. Owen Denison

    It's so frustrating seeing Noah look for a keycard for 20 minutes because he doesn't notice there are now 3 markers instead of 2. (I'm mad cause someone pointed it out as I was typing)

  51. Eli W789

    Noah I really truly appreciate you and think you are truly a great guy and I know lots of people agree with me. We love you Noah. Thank you for being such a great guy and making our days brighter with each video posted.

  52. K. Fuji'

    great to hear, lookin forward to more vidsss

  53. jon 957

    Dude i watched this at night and i went to bed and had this nightmare this game has scard me bro 0-0

  54. Steven Colebrook

    You are a “SCAREDY-CAT” 😳😂😂🤣

  55. Shordy

    38:55 - 39:05 BARS

  56. Truth Shroom

    Spuddley did this lol then you...

  57. Steven Colebrook

    U wasted a pipe bomb

  58. Esperanza Marquis

    Lol f

  59. Skater Legend

    noahj: i am trying to save my shotgun ammo him 5 seconds later proceeds to use shotgun

  60. Steven Colebrook

    YouY need to look up more and make your shots count, leave none alive

  61. Jonathan Gomez

    2:11:33 it's like cod all over again

  62. Dont Ask

    Nope I live in a hotel

  63. Zaydens Cave

    This is what we call *content*

  64. jason talton

    I would of been on all fours going up the steps

  65. Moe Skeetz

    2:32 I just reached this part and I’m not gonna lie.....I screamed in fear 🥴🥴

  66. S.G.T. Pain

    at 2:42:17 LMAO

  67. Da_Boss_3807


  68. Kylee Burnett

    I love this game so far I've played it for 3 hours today and I'm impressed with just how much happens in this game it's amazing

  69. Ac3 Jo3

    Lmfao why he started watching the jello jiggle in the beginning too

  70. Thekidelmo1

    I love Noah’s reaction 😂😂

  71. drew connerley

    Did anyone else notice noah sold his gun attachments with his old pistol when his new one has two slots?

  72. Ac3 Jo3

    Noah at the end quietly following lady D behind SILENT OMG

  73. Falcon Fire

    We need more people like this man even if he is corny and said corny like 10 times in one video we still need ALOT of people lile this man 😢😀

  74. Sinister Surfer


  75. Skrinzz

    noah you got enough to pack a punch your guns

  76. Aiden Petersen

    Let's gooo

  77. Strik3r

    21:08 when your mom said solve this math question and you dont know the answer

  78. Cooper Townsend

    My man Ethan be able to reattach any severed limb with a little alcohol

  79. nicholas kremski

    You were supposed to meet the metal bending guy at the grave yard before you went to the factory I believe. Don't quote me on it though