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  1. Mag Jan

    I forgot tyceno used to make these type of videos before 2k 💀

  2. J D

    2k dead bro you should learn to wash dishes or something tbh... the way 2k going you gonna be washing 1.2m dishes by 25

  3. Tjhuxley 9

    The kill on Chico will forever be superior

  4. Rion

    9:42 rip x man... iykyk 😞

  5. CammyLxmmy

    anyone else here?

  6. Jevon Edwards

    Z gave up

  7. Jaylen !!

    Bro woke up and chose to lose 150

  8. Tony Lee


  9. Dave Fbilane

    2k21 does not take skills 😤

  10. Chronic Cloutify

    Imagine tryna be a tyceno fanboy on 2k

  11. J Movin

    Game 1 you kinda Jinx It😭

  12. Josip Pirak

    hahahah was that snoop at the end saying that mf dont miss hahahahahah

  13. Derance Armstrong

    Welcome back!!!

  14. bilinas mini

    Steezo and Tyceno came back in the same day this is a big day for the 2k community 🙏🏽

  15. SmQkess

    Why are ur analogy’s so good 😆

    1. SmQkess

      @bilinas mini yh I’ve been playin my team lately

    2. bilinas mini

      I’m fw 2k21 current gen it’s actually fun fr

  16. MzR

    the goat has returned

  17. Gavin Hooper

    negative $1,500 in the bank, I wish I had that, Im more near the negative 2k mark. Glad you got yourself out of it though dude, congrats

  18. Snap Duke

    Hey Tyceno wondering where you went ..... good hear from you

  19. BBxndz

    Miss these days

  20. Vahhwells_ YT

    Yes sir my Boi back BANGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Blasmalachi 4550

    Congrats on 1 million bro

  22. Chingy Cheff

    600k views on the first vid back, still got it ;)

  23. Steez Nutsinyourmouth

    Smart man 💯

  24. Diverse Yt

    Glad your back

  25. Johan Juntak

    Wellcome back tyceno. Whatever content you do, I always support it.

  26. Johan Juntak

    Wellcome back tyceno. Whatever content you do, I always support it.

  27. Johan Juntak

    Wellcome back tyceno. Whatever content you do, I always support it.

  28. Johan Juntak

    Wellcome back tyceno. Whatever content you do, I always support it.

  29. Regdu Geht

    Literally 99% of people ignore this message: "God save you and your family from all sickness 🙏

  30. Vaughn Costello

    Congratulations tyceno hit the Milly Plus God bless 🙏

  31. Ky Mulaa


    1. Regdu Geht

      Glad to see the 2k shot creating LEGEND BACK❗️

  32. Terrell Itsuka

    I’m fw 2k21 current gen it’s actually fun fr

  33. MambaStrike

    31:11 pause bruh

  34. Hi Useful app

    I wish he could do this in stage

  35. Og Kakarot


  36. I will take yo bixch N

    Bruh he really did he same move over and over

  37. Mr - TrY HaRd


  38. Uhh Cuh

    10k 3 years ago Now we at 3mil TYCENO man you have came so far keep it up🔛🔝✅‼️

  39. Official Snxg

    Congrats on 1M subscribers tyceno

  40. echosus

    who saw glidey spamming dubs in the cringe weird kids chat tf

  41. HELYML


  42. Repeat Killz

    GG’s in the chat

  43. Callum CHASEMORE

    lets gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bro im excited af

  44. 2k_king

    Am I the only one who still watching this

  45. El Pablo

    How long do you have to save for the LOUIS bag?🤣🤣🤣 That makes you totally unsympathetic! You're just a gamer not a rock star! I only celebrate you for your gameplay ...

  46. Reject-_Me 2k

    But ur caption says “ life update”

  47. Reject-_Me 2k

    Bro why this whole video was you talking about money?


    Ursalty clan donated the second he hit legend lol

  49. S2k_ SYG


  50. Ethan Morrison

    Dude never in my life will I see anyone risk 12,500k with that shot

    1. Ethan Morrison

      Except @tyceno

  51. ImG0d Hi

    Bro we’re have you been we all missed you

  52. Chris Martinez

    Mans had a zen in 19

  53. Pmoney6809

    Welcome back we missed u congratulations on 1 million subscribers

  54. 3mmzy

    Glad ur back man!

  55. AnthonyHowardYT

    Congratulations bro glad to have you back

  56. streamingiscringe

    i love you man

  57. Anti

    Glad to see the 2k shot creating LEGEND BACK❗️

  58. Jeet Singh

    28:42 imagine getting clamped by a center and your guard what shart can

  59. Zlatan Ozver

    As long as you are happy we are happy

  60. Jay Diaz

    Lesgoooo Tyyy congrats on 1 mil

  61. Matthew Piekny

    9 month later and people think u and her having a baby

  62. misuyy fong

    Everyone calming waiting to spoil Tyceno with donations

  63. Ej Goated

    Rest in piece kobe

    1. Ej Goated

      To a legend

  64. Jaylen !!

    Kids are trash

  65. Chris Da god


  66. Jeet Singh

    Who ever loses to tyceno on the 1v1 court is trash asf

  67. Liam McGuire

    rip kobe

  68. Jeet Singh

    The streamer is right you do get crazy carried on the 3s your just a spot up for kris

  69. Jeet Singh

    6:46 Kriszeetee gets mega clamped And is flow jerk lamonsta’s friend

  70. Joshua’s Ukiyo

    So we all just getting this in 2021?

  71. tertsuki

    welcome back homie!

    1. misuyy fong


  72. Suhny

    Welcome bck king shot creator. Nd congratulations on 1M

  73. basketIV numb.1

    Filled with verified comments

  74. VLONE_KD 24

    In may 2021 memory

  75. TooNastyR

    Subtle LV bag flex in the back i see you Ty finally winning

  76. Shod Mercury


  77. Quistro Tankersley


  78. Zyrexy

    Do they really be putting up 25k for a series?

  79. InMarWeTrust


  80. Shaggyy

    Good to see you’ve been well mate, keen to see you back on top💙