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  1. BlueSun

    False floor with signs?

  2. moh vlogs

    Jokes on you mobile players cant be afk because it will just turn off when it turns off you leave the server

  3. AquaDingo8861

    Bro just use ender chest

  4. NomZ

    I love how he plays pokemon music in the background of his videos

  5. AlwaysinDanger

    7:19 there's no way that cap is referencing what I think It's referencing

  6. wowimevieee :D

    This man is stealing Geminis world

  7. wowimevieee :D

    3:40 HEY THATS @Gemini Tay WORLDD

  8. CD64

    The creeper is one of those bad things turned

  9. FOX

    Why im carrying item?

  10. Woah It’s Meach

    does he think people go afk for days

  11. Ddog06

    I saw the ocean monument, instantly spent four hours building a base in one on creative

  12. Jordan Lam

    im not in a good mood

  13. Werewolf squad

    Wow I learned a lot from this

  14. Shwimy_

    Imagine using the pumpkin one on a hardcore world

  15. Gabriel kimbrell

    josh said not to tell but oh well, u know where the creepers blew up josh is hiding in the mountens around there and has a sercet base hidden behind the cobblestone wall in his secret base

    1. Gabriel kimbrell

      sorry i was tired wrong video

  16. No_ abe

    14:40 YES! I hate when losers complain about Endermen! They're easy to cheese. Hide in a spot that the Endermen can't access, THEN intentionally look at them.

  17. lile gurgenidze

    You used gemenaytays lets play seed didnt you

  18. Genevieve Bay


    1. Skip the Tutorial

      Can't use it in survival mode

  19. starfish11208

    Btw, in Minecraft bedrock, the fishing rod will do damage.

  20. Hugh Jass

    I spent 10 minutes trying to subscribe to you with my knees. Edit: I DID IT!

  21. dog on weed

    never kill your friends dog

  22. Julio Von Rosa

    I play beta on bedrock and, even in peaceful mode the goats still attack you

  23. Lori Sankary

    Did it

  24. Glitched

    Did no one else notice that in 3:30 he only had a stone pickaxe, but in 3:33 he has a full health iron pickaxe out of nowhere, the reason it was slightly damaged was because of the diamond he mined ?

  25. Loli Ballester Senent

    Waxed Lightly Weathered Cut Copper Stairs

  26. okuma san

    may toast rest in peace

  27. Immortals


  28. Hydro 987

    7:23 it’s always there... the among.... FU-

  29. Laban Labanson

    It’s actually more effective to craft your wood into slabs it saves resources and a slab can smelt 1.5 blocks compared to normal wood witch smelts 1 block

  30. Ned Parks

    I did this it didn't work 11:40

  31. conongnho

    him: netherirte becon never seen not even a mile away wadzee:i have done that but more

  32. Landon Garay

    no dogs are perfect and there tamed wolves

  33. Elexsis Gregory

    3:14 my mom built a mansion and i did this. built a wall? i dug under

  34. Jenniferrr

    3:38 wait that's Gemmini Tay's minecraft world.. O:

  35. Ceo of racism

    Ender chests: Am I a joke to you

  36. Minigamingmason

    A M O N G U S 6:42

  37. No_ abe

    If it's your 2nd or 3rd visit to the channel, you may as well subscribe.

  38. Sandy bell

    Me already subbed me do the challenge me ow

  39. Shedey Schoeman


  40. the face

    6:52 where is bedrock in the end

  41. James MacKenzie

    Step 1: ended chest

  42. Greyson Vance

    at number 17 on the list who else noticed the animal crossing music

  43. MR Repe pro

    2:00 u saw the same?😂😂😂

  44. Caleb Brayden

    I subscribed using my kneecaps

  45. Mr.gaming Boiii


  46. AlexIsModded

    Collecting tons of snowballs is actually really, really worth it. Snowballs do 3 damage per single hit to blazes. Therefore you can use them as a way to kill blazes in a blaze farm.

  47. Leo Dyck

    I know one of our block that’s in both dimensions gravel

  48. CarrotMan

    6:42 AMOUNG US

  49. • Dia playz•

    Since he said comment something so why not should I comment 'Flamingo is dumb'

  50. James Games


  51. Jessica Huff

    The creeper is not a glich

  52. Kate Smith

    "No one is going to check a furnace" Me: yeah, right.

  53. Barbie Life with Ameera

    5:24 just like in 2 days me and my brother 36 diamond in total ( i lost 10 cuz I fall in lava : D )

  54. Elijah Knospe

    You also can’t riptide out of a cauldron with water

  55. Andrey Kachnov

    did the dragon drop a actionfigure?

  56. Shamoel Noorbhai

    Or you could claim land

  57. MomsSpaghetti

    i think the "swords break wool faster" thing came from the bedrock version because in bedrock you break wool faster with a sword

  58. Random1785

    cant foxes with swords attack on peaceful?

  59. Marco Machine

    6:46 how wholesome

  60. My name is Miscellaneous

    Dude is talking only about java. Dislike this video if you're playing bedrock

  61. Wowey Blocks

    Most only work on pc

  62. Alice Swinhoe

    I'm sry if I'm being a hater but my friends and me have known the last one for ages :) ( I ain't trying to hate)

  63. Salcido _FTW

    3:22 how far you’ve what now

  64. Kaylie Harke

    This isnt your world a girl did a survival series and built al of this

  65. FLG Gaming

    Anypne notice that gemini tays house in her world

  66. Boiled Socks

    I subbed turned on notifications and liked the video with my left ring finger

  67. Nas Will

    The phantoms are like the birds that fish they dash in water attack and get out immediately

  68. {•Frøg pog•}

    Another illegal thing:PENIS HOUSE/PP HOUSE

  69. L Klaauw

    Did it 1 sec if I’m not there I don’t know how but I think it glitched I don’t know

  70. Gacha Angel

    You builder/redstone builder

  71. Cute Lyrics

    Me:reads utuber’s name*.. Me : mind* mmm “skip..The ..Totorial” mhmm Also me : AHEM *skips the whole vid* W-WAIT I wanted to know the fastest way to get to the sky D:<

  72. Anonymous kid

    3:14 dreams water bucket be like 👁👄👁

  73. Anne Pekoll

    Right before I found this video I made a world where I accidentally found the stronghold and I put my base in it- You know like when chunks don't load all the way and you can like look at what's under the ground like Caves and stuff, I found the stronghold that way-

  74. dra6o0n

    People realize that a high leveled villager sells cakes right?

  75. Death stroke [Plays] also watch my Tiktok

    I subscribed in a mila second

  76. TonyBaloneyV2

    Another one is that if you press ctrl and q it will drop it all at once

  77. Joezify

    thing is... we all live in the same house