Nicki Minaj - Only ft. Drake, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown

Nicki Minaj

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    1. Kevin Douglas

      That 2 dudes in chair did those ropes off any second 😆 /like I rip this whole shit down

    2. Jenna Pickett

      My child saw this and started to get scared

    3. r011ing_thunder

      What do chickens mean when nicki said I don’t fuck with chickens

    4. Bryan Simwayi

      This song is a threesome and Chris was the cameraman

    5. Gerson Barbz

      472,564k vistas

    6. Clover Karume


    7. cynthia nuamah

      Jesus died for you that’s how much He loves you He is coming let’s turn to Jesus

    8. Mostafa

      2014: The year Nicki Minaj owned, conquered and ate the female rapping world like it was nothing There was no asian dolls, doja cat or trash like cardi b

    9. Lonxly


    10. O u t r o S p a c e

      Dang this memory’s when you hear this song everytime on vine and radio back in 2014,15

    11. Jaden 213

      I can’t stand drake but this verse is fuckin lit 🔥🔥🔥. He was juss talkin bout how he was trynna smash Nikki 😂

    12. Kristian Hatfield

      Of course you want a drink lil wayne. With a thick b like that you gotta take it all in. Not hammered.

    13. KD !

      Hi guys Jesus Christ is coming sooner than we thought Pls repent and turn to Him He loves you so much ❤️

    14. You like jazz? 😃


    15. Rynesha Simpson

      Chris brown eyes though 😍😍😍

    16. Alexandra Goleva

      500 million we are coming

    17. Ecem

      When I listen this song I feeling dejavu

    18. Elian Rivera

      Nicki, Wayne, and Drake are like international super spies while Chris sits in the spy van in a safe area drinking coffee.


      Nicki: in the gulag Wayne : in the horror house Drake : in the forest Chris : under the covers BAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH this song will forever be iconic ( also Chris's Vampire looking Ass ) BAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH

    20. barbara ireri

      what is BBW PLS Drake said he likes his women

      1. barbara ireri

        @Gemmy eye thanks

      2. Gemmy eye

        Big beautiful women

    21. T Wizzy

      Drake think he Kanye in this

    22. Moussa Dramé

      After the tiktok

    23. Boy Scorpi


    24. torturagyrl

      Drake: I'm a certified lover boy.

    25. Jairo Rojas

      "... I've never fucked Wayne.. I never fucked Drake..." - "...well me either..." • Jennifer Lynn James Wichita Kansas

    26. bosnianmike

      Nikki got flow . And self respect lol

    27. Dheyson Gonçalves Lopes Rosa


    28. MAD MEN


    29. INDY FOSHO

      When Nickis body was perfect 🥰

      1. maria nanyunja




    31. Carlian Clarke

      I strangle believe wayne and drake wanted a 3 some with her🤣🤣

    32. lucas xo

      Wow ...they skated ...

    33. Farhan Swaggy

      I like how chris is ironically talking about the 4th of July and drake and Wayne talking about another shit

    34. Krys.M P

      This is just dissing Nicki husband and she is ok with it to get the message across that up your sex game... there's replacements waiting to f*CK her lol.

    35. Super Saiyan Rage

      Should had been just Nicki 👑


      This is the best song I ever heard when I was 1 years old on 2014

    37. Liam Williams

      imagine the guys being tortured were girls and nicki was a guy torturing them libs and dems would flip but extreme feminism is a new norm

    38. Mubaraka Banduk

      honestly this mv feels like a friend group that has one girl who keeps on getting called a slut, 2 of them gassing her up but debunking the rumours and the last one...

    39. 8T producer

      Chris really on his Palpatine shit.

    40. Nathaniel Referente

      The fact that this was released 5 months after 4th of July and Chris is there celebrating it 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    41. Fatima Koroma

      Drake and Nicki Minaj 😏😏😏

    42. Lil Must

      Nicki: talking about herself Drake: being down horrendous Wayne:

    43. cum dunk

      love You but drake is annoying

    44. cum dunk

      nicki i am a barb

    45. cum dunk

      i love you nicki

    46. AmzzTv

      Poor Chris😭✋🏾

    47. ᴷⁱⁿᵈˡʸ ᴴᵉˡᵖ ᴹᵉ ᴿᵉᵃᶜʰ ⁵⁰ᴷˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉʳˢ ᵂⁱᵗʰ ᴺᵒ ⱽⁱᵈᵉᵒˢ

      Dear parents, just because your child is smiling at their phone, doesn't mean they have boyfriend or girlfriend, they are just watching this masterpiece.

    48. Doja Kyle

      Queen from the start until the end.

    49. whatgameshodiplay

      Story of my life 🙃

    50. Theona Morrant

      At this point what is Chris doin?😂😂😂😮‍💨

    51. Miles Allen

      When the Migos flow was fresh

    52. David & Friends

      Chris Brown didn't understand the assignment.

    53. torturagyrl

      Bedrock part 2 without the others #youngmoney

    54. torturagyrl

      I want an "up"date in a G5 too 😲😊

    55. Jev Edits

      Christ brown colorist self know he wanted to say “light skin girls only” 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. EsPGoPo


    56. Yg Tee

      472 Million Views🦄💘

    57. Shmiley Face

      Chris is fr that one bodyguard at the party and saying bad bitches only and the haters aren't the bad bitches 😂😂

    58. Nolan nem

      is no one gonna talk about how fucking odd this song is?

      1. Suna's Hair

        still bussin tho-

    59. Rondel Valentine

      Song litt

    60. Williem Clemens

      Came Here After, Seeing Green 😍

    61. kipkoech victor ngeno

      When nicki decided to clear rumours

    62. Russian Roulette

      *Arianators, Barbz, EMERGENCY!* Forget about Focus, Super Bass and Into you, make *Side to Side* first female collab to reach *2B views!* There is another female collab that has the same amount of views as the *Side to Side* and it's predicted to reach 2B views before STS, *Arianators and Barbz, work on Side to Side, spread the word!*

    63. Coach Vee MP


    64. Xavier Robinson

      The two goats want the queen crazy right

    65. Class of 2021

      in case anyone wants timestamps to skip chris brown's part: 2:16, 3:54, 5:30

      1. Suna's Hair


    66. Zman Vandever

      Idk why yall making fun of chris he made the song 100% better

    67. KellieAnn Henry

      The song came out six years ago and still popping who else still listening in 2021 everything I wanna say about the song somebody already said it

    68. Maria Kourmmm


    69. Kevin Johnson

      Nicki gah damn

    70. Monique Melgaco Rigo

      Amo às músicas da Nicki

    71. Alina Mateescu


    72. Max Dout

      Very shit shev

    73. Suna's Hair

      not yall dissing chris-

    74. Darrien Pennington

      I'm willing to believe you feel the same way about this. I'm tired of being obligated to the will of others, Nicki. 😐😐🙂🙂

    75. Chicken nuggets be Bussin LOL

      POV:Cardi b didn't even roast :)

    76. Lakia Combs

      Finally a song I can sing for the talent show🙃

    77. Cameron Elcock

      My favorite line from Nicki’s verse is “when I walk in, sit up straight, I don’t give a f*** if I was late”

    78. Yvette Otero

      I know damn well I didnt her Drake say her face looks like Clair Huxtable, is you crazy she had to give you something good for you to say some shit like that

    79. Dezz Miey


    80. Yg Tee

      Stream Seeing Green PLEASE💘

    81. Zoey Johnston


    82. Mia xø

      “These hoes couldn’t test me even if their name was pop quiz “ PERIODDDDDDDD 😩😩😩

    83. Harry Pay

      To this day I’m wondering how drake got away with this

    84. Signe

      "When I walk in, sit up straight" Me: finally straightens up from my hunched over, detrimental sitting position

    85. Jessica Powers

      I love u d boys for life always and for ever till I die

    86. Ayden55

      Nicki: I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake. Me: But what about Chris Brown though?

    87. Football World Europe

      Am from haligrow the "holy makkah"

    88. tuan le

      Charity helps people in need more and more. Live by the law. Be filial to your parents, grandparents and ancestors. No alcohol, no stimulants because it affects health, No abortion, no gambling, Do not kill animals, launch animals.,study hard and work hard, work hard to stay healthy with exercise and sports,Live in harmony. Live save money, save natural resources. Plant many trees, plant forests, plant many food crops, plant many crops. Help poorer countries a lot.

    89. Orla McDonagh

      2;30 lolllllllll

    90. Orla McDonagh

      Nicki looks FIREEEEEEE here!!!!!!!!

    91. Filo

      this nicki was the hottest nicki

    92. Brianni Sy


    93. Chrissy

      Royal flush

    94. gangstalking simulation

      Dam Nikki looks good in this video

    95. Nitroh

      just remember a woman basher is in this.

    96. Gerson Barbz

      471,751k vistas

      1. Gerson Barbz


      2. Gerson Barbz


    97. Jonathan Oyiriaru

      Drake's a total simp in this song

    98. Mariama Barry

      Chris brown so fine 😫😫😫

    99. Jimin and Hobi Mangar

      Who's still here for young money 💰 in 2021