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    ♫ Little Mix - Confetti ft. Saweetie

    • Little Mix •

    • Saweetie •

    [Intro: Jade \u0026 Saweetie]
    Little Mix
    Saweetie, hmm
    Let's go

    [Verse 1: Perrie, Jade]
    We wanna celebrate like we in the club every day
    Got all my friends here with me
    And I don't need ya, I don't need ya
    Got this dress up on me
    So I don't need your stress up on me
    Baby, we're done, c'est la vie
    Now I don't need ya, I don't need ya

    [Pre-Chorus: Leigh-Anne]
    Should've left your ass from time ago
    Didn't love me then, but now I do
    I used to sit at home and cry for you
    Diamonds on my neck, I shine for you
    Ain't blocking my blessings anymore
    Never be the girl I was before
    I'ma let the good things in my life rain down

    [Chorus: Jade]
    From the sky, drop like confetti
    All eyes on me, so V.I.P
    All of my dreams, from the sky, drop like confetti
    Drop it down
    You're missin' me, but I'm finally free
    I got what I need, so let it rain down like confetti

    [Verse 2: Jade, Perrie]
    Flashing lights, I ain't got no worry on my mind
    Know that you're mad, I realised
    That I don't need ya, I don't need ya
    So, DJ, say my name like it's my birthday
    You're just a memory
    And, boy, I don't need ya, I don't need ya

    [Pre-Chorus: Leigh-Anne, Jade]
    Should've left your ass from time ago (Time ago)
    Didn't love me then, but now I do (Now I do)
    I'ma let the good things in my life rain down

    [Chorus: Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jade]
    From the sky, drop like confetti
    All eyes on me (on me yeah), so V.I.P
    All of my dreams, from the sky, drop like confetti (Woah)
    You're missin' me, but I'm finally free (You're missin' me, finally free)
    I got what I need, so let it rain down like confetti (So let it rain down) (Rain like confetti)

    [Post-Chorus: (Perrie), Leigh-Anne, Jade]
    (Oh, la-la-la)
    Let it rain down
    (Oh, la-la-la)
    Let it rain down (let it, let it rain down)
    (Oh, la-la-la)
    Let it rain down (let it rain down)
    (Oh, la-la-la)

    [Verse 3: Saweetie]
    So my girl hit me up about a fuck-boy dude
    I said hold on, hold on, what he said he did to you?
    Caught him sending dick pics and a couple of nudes
    Shit, we could chop it off and I'ma body this dude
    I don't play that shit (No, no), beat his ass up (Trauma)
    Ride or die, uh, nigga, I’m a Yoko Ono (Ono)
    I'm an icy bitch, you gonna miss these lips
    Now I'ma have to slap yours or might also rise your tips
    I'm a Cancer baby, but I got Scorpio ways
    Credit high, I'm on my cards, top one is my face
    Get a pedi' in my Tesi', yeah, there's plenty of space
    New e-girl on the block, they all copy and paste
    Face on Halle, body on Chloe, yeah
    You give me the chance, I'ma give it to your homie
    Butt on paddy, so promiscuous, you ain't gettin' this

    [Chorus: Leigh-Anne with Jade, Perrie]
    From the sky, drop like confetti (Yeah)
    All eyes on me, so V.I.P
    All of my dreams, from the sky, drop like confetti (All of my dreams)
    You're missin' me (You're missin' me), but I'm finally free (I'm finally free)
    I got what I need (I've got what I need), so let it rain down like confetti

    [Outro: Jade, Leigh-Anne]
    (Oh, la-la-la)
    Let it rain down
    (Oh, la-la-la)
    Let it rain down
    (Oh, la-la-la)
    Let it rain down
    (Oh, la-la-la) (Oh let it rain down)

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