LILI's FILM #3 - LISA Dance Performance Video

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    Filmed by Anthony King
    Choreography by Cheshir Ha
    Music by QUIN, 6LACK - Mushroom Chocolate

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    1. Denis Lopez


    2. 36 อทิตยา ทวีสูตร์

      i know what to do when you looking that fine

    3. Waiting for Blackpink comeback

      Lisa is a queen

    4. H Mortada

      Lisa isn't born for dance. dance was made for lisa!!

    5. SunRyuซุนหลิว Comedy


    6. Hasan Ali Kısa


    7. Renae Junior Channel

      Lisa is a silent killer.

    8. Sun


    9. learning fox

      Donno how many times I've watched it since yesterday🤩

    10. Thunyalak Charangram

      I love you lisa

    11. D D

      Why is no one talking about her expression , lisa expression always matches with the song

    12. Thunyalak Charangram

      Lisa queen

    13. Naresh Shahu

      You are awesome. Lots of love from India 💜👍😍😍😍😍🤗🤗🤗🇮🇳🇮🇳

    14. Melvlili Bp

      เพลงนี้บอกได้ถึงสัญชาตญาณจอมเพชฌฆาตในตัวน้องมีอยู่เยอะจริงๆ เท็ดดี้อปป้าเคยกล่าวไว้ น้องเต้นเข้าถึงอารมณ์ของเพลงทุกเพลงจริงๆ ยังนึกภาพไม่ออกเลยว่าถ้าน้องได้ปล่อยของจะไปสุดแค่ไหน รักๆๆ





    15. Septiana Crisna


    16. Ashita Agrawal

      I- what- my- eyes are blessed

    17. Ma. Rhogelyn Alyzra Revilla

      Fuck i cant stop watching this help

    18. wang puppy

      still one of my favorites!

    19. Asna Haider

      Nobody: Lisa's bangs: ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

    20. asdfghjkl


    21. hans daren

      So hot 🔥

    22. Nelson Nobel

      Lisa is a miracle I love Lisa so much

    23. 5

      Me: I'm heterosexual Lisa: Not anymore GAY FOR LISA!

    24. brunohpaiva

      vai toimar no cu

    25. N nnn

      a decade with Lisa

    26. Devie Marie Anne Dellomas Villegas

      how to survive everything "Be the camera man" 🔥

    27. Devie Marie Anne Dellomas Villegas

      And the 53K dislikers is the Girlfreinds of boyfreinds that lisa have stolen😄

    28. Boring blood

      This deserves 100m and more

    29. lego

      The body is very flexible

    30. Lilik Yuliyanti07


    31. Lilik Yuliyanti07


    32. hesam parhizgary

      Best visual

    33. hesam parhizgary

      Best dancer in the world

    34. hesam parhizgary

      So so beautiful and hot

    35. hesam parhizgary


    36. hesam parhizgary

      I love you so much lisa

    37. Blonnard

      Lisa's legs aren't trying famous Famous is trying to be Lisa's legs.

    38. Sanjana

      Lisa dancing perfectly fine in high heels 😍✨ Absolute Queen 👑

    39. Sanjana

      She’s the Icon 💗

    40. anfal


    41. Tanishka Lakra

      I am getting seduced by Lisa

    42. Evelin Medrano

      Nunca había repetido tantas veces un video.

    43. Winnie Lim

      Came to watch why this dance has got more views than others. Looks like a simple choreo but you know it is not. Makes your heart flutter even after 1.5mins...fuhh

    44. Xuan Ni Kieu


    45. Gia

      esoooo poto, ahre amoo el videoo xd

    46. lisa's cat

      61million plus views ain't a joke,LALISA SUPREMACY

    47. lisa's cat

      LISA's instagram account has now surpassed 50m followers,and she is the first KPOP IDOL to achieve this mark,LISA's power y'all

    48. Beatriz Oliveira

      we all know, this isn't your first time here. And it's not gonna be the last time 😌.

    49. Red er

      Every single time I watch this i get mesmerized like I’m being drag into another dimension..

    50. jimina jin

      She rocks 💞 I'm a big fan of her

    51. jimina jin

      그녀는 💞

    52. Alison Suarez

      que obseno por DIOS

    53. kkk

      A MAIOR

    54. Pikaa bori

      Guys how she keep the wig in her head , !

      1. Nicolle B

        Thats her real hair-💀

    55. Alison D

      dancing machine

    56. Ghada Ana


    57. kimnamjoon waifu

      Man look at those legs 😱❤❤❤

    58. Yehudit 69

      Is the cameraman ok? Cuz I’m not

    59. kübra gül

      ayp be ayp

    60. ;; d.al_ 21

      the video is addictive, and it is that admiring each step and movement is impressive

    61. Revy


    62. فَرَوَلُايتْيـے


    63. ๐そうですね

      I'm proud of you

    64. RETRO•_• SPACE

      Wait this is 6lack song !?!? 😳

      1. 라라

        mushroom chocolate quin & 6lack

    65. karib amin

      i love u lisa😘

    66. Eszter Csonka

      Who's gonna tell her?...

      1. Nicolle B

        Tell her what? How pretty she is and that she is such a good dancer?🤩

    67. 4Lfamily manoban

      A DECADE WITH LISA #10YearsWithLisa

    68. Bird Lady

      The best lili film ❤

    69. Scary -

      I died

    70. شيبر جينليسا


      1. شيبر جينليسا


    71. em joh

      This talent.. what a queen

    72. Misan Ianamz


    73. Asra start

      حلو مهنة حلوة اللة يقويج علة هيج ركص 🙄

    74. Dilan Taşan


    75. Dilan Taşan


    76. Revy

      62M today


      Imagine getting a heart from Lili

    78. asma akter


    79. Abida Uddin

      lets focus on legs it instead of brexit

    80. 앙잉잉야뭉

      오마이갓.............이걸 이제 보다니..........너무 멋지다 리사ㅠㅠ

    81. Kajal Kalia

      Omg 😍😍😍🥵🥵🥵🥵🤭🤭🤭

    82. fatema saad

      My love

    83. Nguyễn Gia Khánh

      Love u

    84. Leslie Núñez


    85. Sudarut Chaited

      I love Lisa

    86. Sudarut Chaited

      Love Lisa

    87. Sudarut Chaited

      Love Lisa

    88. Sudarut Chaited

      We love you Lisa

    89. Sudarut Chaited

      I love Lisa

    90. Sudarut Chaited

      We love you Lisa

    91. Sudarut Chaited

      I love Lisa ❤️

    92. Sudarut Chaited

      We love you Lisa

    93. Sudarut Chaited

      Love Lisa

    94. Sudarut Chaited

      We love you Lisa

    95. Sudarut Chaited

      Love Lisa

    96. Sudarut Chaited


    97. Khulan Odkhuu


    98. Asmaa Saad


    99. 11; Khushi Shah; XC

      I survived!!!