Lemon Pepper Freestyle


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    Lemon Pepper Freestyle · Drake · Rick Ross

    Scary Hours 2

    ℗ 2021 OVO

    Released on: 2021-03-05

    Producer: Boi-1da
    Producer: Austin Powerz
    Producer: FNZ
    Producer: Keanu Beats
    Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Noel Cadastre
    Studio Personnel, Mixer: Noah Shebib
    Studio Personnel, Mastering Engineer: Chris Athens
    Composer Lyricist: Aubrey Graham
    Composer Lyricist: William Roberts
    Composer Lyricist: Matthew Samuels
    Composer Lyricist: Robin Hannibal
    Composer Lyricist: Cecilie Maja

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    1. Big AhkiBaby

      Yes sir🔥🔥🏆🏆🏆

    2. Giagrhymes Savattere

      Showing. All the. Hard times. U. Always really appreciate it. When u know u made it u really made it. That's. When u say u .back and. Out there again even tho the. Smile and. Em is ain't. Real if. U rwalay. New u. But the y handle do

    3. Giagrhymes Savattere

      Being like. BeFor the record. U the. Teddy bear. Who took time to get your. Health that's. Wealth u. Really. Made a change but. Still the. Teddy bear if. The. Numbers. Are. Scene that's. Cause. U really got love never see your. Friends not. Doing thing that's the way .u was. Raised. To be. Concidrate. And. Give your. Support. To the ones. Who stand and. Be there. They. Got. The love the. Eyes. Are endinabke. But thats. The. Talk. Like. How many. People. Could. See that. U spread. It. For the real one that. Won't. Trouble if u. Got it that. Then u really got it. But. Everytime. U. Really made it. U. Reallly

    4. Giagrhymes Savattere

      Kissing ya. Back add on. The. Track. That's. The way the. Balls are hoops .shooting jun.the. air sitting im.this chair im looking. Back at it like. How. Much. Do I got left in this. I'm. Cruising it. For the. Choices the. Voices speak they me. Keep. Me. On the. Ground. Not a rebound. I'm. Glad to. He's how. U said this. Positively. Proformame steering real to. Be. He'a. How the. Keys. Hand over it. I'm. Making. A potential. Sanctuary come. Out. Like. A dictatorship. I'm back. In this I told. You. How it. Is. If u make this. Fly the. Hitch. The. Hook.the. loop. The. Fiasco. Is. But u. Push and. Skate. Lately. I'm. Doing things. That u do. Meaning. Can't. Believe the. Way u pushing. It. Coming down from this. High. I'm still struck. Strutting this. Flow. The stuff u. feeling. Laughing like im jump on u im seriously. Seeking the. Trust. The. Double times that. Multiply the. French. U. Still got the. Wrench. The. Coat w the. Trench meal. And. U. Said. U. Won that. Deal

    5. Giagrhymes Savattere

      In or out the city there's another. Day im back there. I got him and u got mine it's perfect as long. As. Everyone. Is. Cool not hidden it. It live do things. That take. Me Love u. I'm so empty w out. U when u. Say we are. On and we together. How will I know? Why u. Talk like front of this. I'm saying isn't lie that it's saying to much things I don't. Need theses idea I just need u here so. We can have time in and make up for list times and


      Big boy📷 status

    7. Khalid Jones

      Kill me ,that’s talent God waisted 🩸🩸🩸 Drake

    8. Jon Fatino

      Hits pretty hard

    9. claude joseph

      Negative thoughts don’t even enter my inner matrix !

    10. claude joseph

      Drake always come out and show out !

    11. LJ Roberts

      Do a song with DDG🔥🔥

    12. alexpayne


    13. Valkyr

      that judge bar was insane

    14. Shawn Sadaghati

      8.1M veiws 100 comments W H A T

    15. justin ewin

      Ovo sound in the studio

    16. Jordan Worsham

      Dog wtf is drake even talking about

      1. Muzoxolo Khumalo

        Money talk

    17. SHEEK_ WOLF

      🔥🔥🤯 I listening to this song every day before work

    18. justin ewin

      Pray over money wont help they still coming....

    19. Aldo Beatz

      “The ones who purchase their vehicles cuz of the trunk size “ 😳

    20. button

      best thing to come out of scary hours

    21. worsbroodjie_RL


    22. Derek Anderson

      this beat is so sick. Absolute fire from Drake once again. He keeps getting better

    23. Kamvelihle Khotshobe

      6ix GOD!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    24. Yanique watson


    25. Yusuf Isaq

      U niggaz albums is like a mthafukkin fire drill, its like the shit feels real but its never real🔥🔥🐐

    26. ED Wardz

      The sample used in this: Pressure by Quadron, timecode: 1:41

    27. Jude Erasmus


    28. Ankur Toppo

      "We all grateful for weezy , but no one more than me ". No 🧢

    29. Geo Leo

      It's 2021 and drake still talking about Lia 🤣

    30. Geo Leo

      Lou Will approve of this.

    31. unityyy ENT

      I was listening to this and it felt like the bars would never end

    32. Santana City

      Whoever disliked it, I hope ur charger works in a specific angle . .

      1. Orio

        my charger wprks in a specific angle bur i liked

    33. MotiFuzion

      Great video!!

    34. Ousley Early

      "Practicing social distancing with all these snitch n*****s" 🚨🚨🚨🔥🔥🔥 I had to start the whole joint over.

    35. Hash Ehh

      You need to have Lemon and Pepper Wings to understand this track...

    36. CloudBreaker

      Great video!!

    37. CloudBreaker

      Great video!!

    38. CloudBreaker

      Great video!!

    39. Bujaboy


    40. Bujaboy

      1.8M views 103 comments What?!! 😐😐😐

    41. Yolanda Gomez

      Makes feel like I’m back in 2011

      1. Tilton Doig

        He’s on that take care shit

    42. Manny Power


    43. SLAAQ

      next level stuff

    44. Xo Xoxo


    45. Ara’s Wife


    46. YTEurope HDGaming

      "Make a set sail in Croatia to get a leverage" Aye, he shouted out my country, let's go😂💪

    47. Pito Wil


    48. Brucey

      The vocals on the beat sounds similar to Jordans Christmas Freestyle.

    49. Vs Bang


    50. Papaguy 🦜


    51. Travis Flowers

      Hardest out of the three, drake didn’t hold back on this one💯‼️


      Drake said: let’s see who is up a decade from now


      I remember dem Tuscan leather and 9 am in Dallas


      Fuck you drake! Drake is back with the realest flows

    55. Keemy DiStinga

      We all grateful for weezy but no 1 more than me💯

    56. G OuTaKaRaCtr

      Big Sean got him but he killed Ross

    57. G OuTaKaRaCtr

      We all grateful for wezzy but no one more than me

    58. G OuTaKaRaCtr

      Comments are low are you all bots

    59. Anthony Frat

      This goes crazy🔥🔥

    60. Sarah Reyes


    61. Pretty Luxury

      Used to say I had it before I got it, now I got it all 💫

    62. mystykali

      Big dogs go off🤧🔥

    63. Gamefreak

      it’s aight

    64. Fernando

      only 68 comments? probably has some words that are bann ed

    65. Connor McDonald

      “Patty Mahomes boutta fall short a couple hunnid.” -Drake 2021

      1. J Millions

        Don’t get it

    66. Luis Guirado

      You don’t know ehhh

    67. LaaLa (LAURIS)


    68. D e r e a l l W a t s o n

      Only 63 comments?

    69. Treyvon Twyman

      Drake is that nigga and he knows it.. he never fails to bring his A game

    70. Brian “Bug-Z” Weston II

      How does this only have half million views in 10hrs on drakes page?

      1. LoLo Smith

        1.6m and trending now lol

    71. Brian “Bug-Z” Weston II


    72. Brian “Bug-Z” Weston II

      Drake was as expected Ross didn’t do it justice

    73. Brian “Bug-Z” Weston II

      He said Florida keys. Stand up Monroe county


      drake never miss Luv from india

      1. K s

      2. Peter Hojdeger

        @ARK-X91 Bjj FC

      3. Yaseen


      4. KL24 Cityzen

        @ARK-X91 bro stop with the hate, we all here for some quality music. its all peace and love.

      5. sahil ps

        Big boys never miss, you know that.

    75. lemonlime _3j

      Where the comments?

    76. Bizzy Gamer

      And my diamonds 💎 all hitting like tie dye 🔥🔥🔥

    77. Bizzy Gamer

      On fire cus im just a different writer 🔥🔥🔥

    78. Devin Wilkerson

      Drake out here flexing about parent teacher meetings

      1. meydy200781

        Love him

      2. Jasmine brown

        As he should 😂❤

      3. Fanjul Elyseè

        And his sons like 3😂 Love Drake❤️

    79. G LANCIA

      the 808s remind me of the west cost ones of g easy

    80. G LANCIA

      On another Planet

    81. Rob Townsell

      I sent her the child support, she sent me the ❤️ emoji

    82. Bruna Mariana Altamirano Saavedra

      Te amo te amo te amo

    83. sahil ps

      Big boy in the neighborhood. Like if you agree

    84. Turner Davis

      beat so clean i slipped 🧼

    85. Logan Blackwater

      Certified Baller Boy*

    86. Tiffany White

      This right here👏🏽🏆

    87. QuietstormRB

      Drake went in 🔥🔥🔥

    88. Miy

      Ross and Drake is what I needed!!!!

    89. BIG STAK

      Drake & Ross can’t miss, every song they’ve dropped has been fire

    90. |MusicLyrics|

      Drake's part sounds like that of Do Not Disturb

    91. bentley

      CLB needs to sound like this

    92. Ayy Barker


    93. Melo3256

      Drake n Ross never miss!

    94. A A

      Damn this man goes off on this one

    95. Tali Taliwe

      Rick Ross sounds like wealth tbh...💲🥺🔥 Facts!🙏🏾

    96. J R

      Cool don’t care didn’t ask + ratio

      1. shroomfather


      2. J R

        Please I’m serious

      3. J R

        This is a cry for help

      4. J R

        I have no in real life friends

      5. J R

        Please like my comment guys

    97. Lisa Mokale

      Drake and Rick Ross duo never miss.

      1. Travis Flowers


      2. Siri siri

        Every single song on the soundcloud, Ross sound like luxury

    98. Morena Pakane

      This is amazing bro

    99. HP- OPx3

      “They all say they love me but they hardly know me” - Drake 𓅓 🔥🔥

      1. Jade M.

        This is deep