ITZY "마.피.아. In the morning" Dance Practice (Moving Ver.)


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    ITZY "마.피.아. In the morning" Dance Practice (Moving Ver.)

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    1. 레인보 융쒀꽁

      Charyeong is my favirote♡♡

    2. Priscila Santos da Silva


    3. Vale SHION

      12.6M str34m 20M

    4. lahiani ahmed

      0:32 is like Lisa part in kill this love 😐

    5. Nayef-

      노래가 아름 다울 거라 기대했는데 너무 아름다워서 정말 멋져요 창의적인 노래에 대해 어떻게 감사해야할지 모르겠어요 열심히하신 것 같아요.

    6. Elen Karapetyan

      Ryujin is so charming

    7. Neepa Gaurani

      I don't Stan Itzy but I have to say this slaps, no wonder why they are one of the best 4th gen groups

    8. xpossidi

      Alguien mas se recuerda al k-drama de vincenzo con esta cancion? Solo yo, okey.

    9. aRMy 4life

      I’m new to the Itzy fandom but I absolutely LOVE this song ! It’s the first song I heard from itzy and it made me love their music ! I love the singing and the rapping and the dancing absolutely amazed me ! I hope itzy continued to make amazing songs like this in the future , I can really see how much hard work they put into this one ❤️

    10. Ayat khan

      Ayee yeji❤🔥🔥🔥

    11. aby

      no one: me: *imagining that i have their bodies*

    12. Camila

      ya, pero yeji mi mujer

    13. TK

      Never disappointed with Itzy’s dance

    14. Khayla Bilqis

      Liaa~~ OMG you are so cute


      I really feel bad for people who don't like itzy. I Stan itzy when I see this song and this is my favorite song of itzy. ❤️

    16. tamir silva

      does anyone know who choreographed this?

    17. Nawal Al


    18. Stranger Cat

      My outfit ranking 1. Yeji 2. Chaeryeong 3. Yuna 4. Ryujin 5. Lia

    19. Rozzah


    20. Jennie Kim

      0:30 Yeji😍

    21. Janelle Dela Cruz


    22. 밍블리

      카메라가 왜 이렇게 정신없게 움직이는가 어지럽다네

    23. la van der green

      Yeji yaaaaaa

    24. la van der green

      Shut your mouth and run me like a river

      1. Stranger Cat

        Woah chill 🤣

    25. la van der green

      Light fury keep slaying

    26. la van der green

      Yeji is unmatchable

    27. la van der green


    28. la van der green

      Itzy is unmatcha

    29. la van der green


    30. Prakriti Tiwari


    31. Pragya Mishra

      Y'all STOP sleeping on Yuna like that gurl is killing it!!

    32. miwako

      Ryujin is so freaking good

    33. Mushtaq

      Ring ding ding ding

    34. ITZY-MIDZY

      20M let's go

    35. liseth flores


    36. Mili Bustos

      Chaeryeong hipnotizes with her dance

    37. Mia


    38. Taiba K

      Why no one is talking abt our queens RYUJIN & YUNA.. They killed it too... I- seriously all of them r killing this comeback..

    39. cristina

      aaaaaaaaa esta bien chido >:DDDD

    40. 🦋park min soo🦋

      I just hope the next song will be a girly summary type of vibe and chill song with more vocals i just feel like its going to fit them perfectly ❤️💛💜💙🧡💚 by the way i love this song and the dance is 🔥🔥

    41. zukette1971

      Lia is good!!!

      1. zukette1971

        She be killing this

    42. ITZY X MIDZY


    43. Sarh Saarh


    44. Sarh Saarh

      ثمبظي سم

    45. Sarh Saarh


    46. Abigail Sanz

      lemme tie ryujin's shoelace

    47. Van !

      Nobody is talking about chaeryoung she did amazing here

      1. xxoliv25

        Here again with victim mentality, she's appreciated just scroll down and you can see people appreciating her. omg!

      2. Macurri Sepúlveda

        she’s a maind dancer for a reason

      3. linda tran

        i swear shes overlooked sm

    48. Zubiya Ikram 60

      Ryujin is literally the queen of itzy but I like all the members

    49. [PK 1]


    50. [PK 1]


    51. NEMO dory Oceab


    52. ⑅ ᵕ ˖βου βεε´。 ᵕ

      Ryujin is more damage for me:)

    53. Udanti Araya

      I feel bad for those who didn’t found about ITZY and this song

    54. eliennrRruby

      Ryujin is just so awesome 😢✨ Although I love all of them ❤️ go itzy!

    55. Mιʅƙყ Pιɳƙყ

      I love the girl with red lipstick

    56. itzy midzy

      13M let's gooo

    57. Sutji Rimadhani

      2:13 My Fav scene umumu :*♡♡

    58. Anamika Negi

      Glad they posted it on my birthday

    59. olyvia wong

      i love lia

    60. iKONICwith_no_bias

      I'm a fan of Lee Jung Lee one of the choreographers of this song. And I can say Itzy give justice to the choreography.

    61. edit idol

      Your choreography is something with something!!!

    62. Bet Del mundo

      Chaeryoung and Yeji"s dance moves are smoother than the paths of my life.

    63. LEE YUAN

      never know i needed all 5 members of itzy in red lipstick 💋💄

    64. ALFI J

      Ryujin mine 😍😍

    65. Erni Ermawaty


    66. Erni Ermawaty

      the way the cameraman takes video makes me dizzy looking at the video, the shooting is bad, unstable🥴

    67. E.D

      I hope Jin doesn't fall when he's dancing this in the shower

      1. Macurri Sepúlveda

        lmao he’s awesome

    68. Samritha Ravi

      Imagine Seokjin dancing to this while taking a shower lol

    69. Jin Nie

      Vídeo: itzy Anúncio: 4mix

    70. Yeji [ 예지 잇지 ]


    71. Marifhe Macelisa

      Lia kill it she do here best aww ❤❤❤

    72. camila シ


    73. camila シ


    74. camila シ


    75. camila シ


    76. camila シ


    77. Χρυσοβαλάντου Γιαννοπούλου

      Is that the 1 MILLION DANCE STAGE????

    78. Guada Servin

      Pero deja quieta la cámara

    79. Villanueva Elaina

      The seemly cello postauricularly arrange because spaghetti timely enjoy till a bloody soup. parallel, imaginary adapter

    80. Veronica Galvis

      * i LOVE YOU YEJI

    81. Veronica Galvis

      Imlove You yeji

    82. LiFe GoeS ON 。

      Me trying to focus on other members Lia : Hey !

      1. Cutecatshivi


    83. PopsicLes _ emme


    84. Udanti Araya

      Ryujin is my role model because of her dancing skills + rapping skills..!!

    85. zariin

      0:51 :) learning the choreo yk...

    86. ITZY_SKZ

      Imagine being that dumb to dislike this video

    87. dancingMR

    88. awesxmedreamer

      ILYSM, LIA!!

    89. Albert Matro

      My cousin's idol here is yuna and me is lia

    90. nickl ryul

      Itzy literally said: I'm different, I don't care what they say. I just wanna be me. And I'm not shy cause I'm the mafia.

      1. Macurri Sepúlveda


    91. HEhE

      1:46 Just a replay button 😩✨

    92. Azul Dabier

      does anyone know where I can get yeji’s t-shirt?

      1. Chaira Nicosia

        Same, I wanna know it too

    93. Meenu Kanwar

      I love you girls so muchhh

    94. 최영도

      여전히 ㄹㅇ는 에휴..

    95. crystal xdz

      Why is nobody talking about yuna she killed the mv and dance practice *Rrrttrtetet~*

      1. crystal xdz

        @Macurri Sepúlveda yea ikr

      2. Macurri Sepúlveda


    96. Au Gust

      Addicted to this choreo 😍

    97. Harini Raman

      2 things JYP is good at 1. Debuting iconic groups 2. Good camera angles

    98. 黃宇佳