If You Build a House, I'll Pay For It!

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    If you build the best house, I'll buy you a house! This is definitely the biggest prize we've given away yet and the builds players created in this challenge were insane!
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    1. MrBeast Gaming

      Huge shoutout to Tubbo and Sipover for being in our video! Go check out their channels and subscribe! Tubbo: vidron.info/key/Az5JW1_oryewk0eR-eP7Bw.html Sipover: vidron.info/key/IDQSqdVuNwtfRMKqfX-o7g.html

      1. Isaac Rodriguez


      2. queenie legaspi

        @Baller 4Life ❶ lhhjjjjjhhhhh

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      5. Miuvaan Muhammadh Hassan

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    3. Meredith Richardson

      I love you Doofishimrtz

    4. Andreas Kuisle

      Can you do a giveaway in a small town like media pools???

    5. Doji Bongc lorenzo

      I want all

    6. Summer O

      What is your Minecraft server Calls tell in your next video.

    7. Sophia Loaf

      *wins a house while playing minecraft in class*

    8. Nadine Piontek

      First. Commons

    9. Shy Guy Dude777

      Hi Mr Beast

    10. Dincoox 17

      Tommorow is 1 year anniversary of first upload on MrBeast Gaming channel

    11. Jaclyn Juarez

      I saw your ad mrBeast

    12. Pasha Pasha

      5:45 killed me 🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣

    13. Fraoula Terpo


    14. H M

      The Video you made when you filled your brothers house when elephant toothpaste was hilarious

    15. joyland centre

      MrBeast Am Gonno Buy The mars Next Year

      1. joyland centre

        MrBeast am Ganno bye the mars Next Year

    16. depar phyokyaw

      Mann , your videos sucks

    17. k-pop

      Chicken leg house is creative

    18. Use code spaiidzyt Shanmugam

      Karl have dream shirt

    19. Riley Walsh

      2025 Mrbeast become President 😂

    20. Jexxx Lieer

      Can you give 2000 dollar for me fan from inda.

    21. Leonard O Donovan

      Do you X ceps mobile players because I have an iPad?

    22. Caleb 4440

      I can't join discord I'm only 8

    23. Arham Ahabab


    24. Abstract


    25. Mr Hamster

      Make me cheese house

    26. Tawi Nxumza

      Dude breme is a hacker how does he/she build fast and leave

    27. Mia Dixon


    28. Caitlin Apple

      and i am her brother/and i am a big fan i subscribed to you

    29. Caitlin Apple

      i wrood love to get 10000 dollers

    30. Marsha Miles

      I built a modern house on Minecraft it is so nice you need to see it

    31. Youtube Lover

      I would feel so bad

    32. Youtube Lover

      I wouldn't tnt anybody

    33. Youtube Lover

      Tubbo sounds like Harry Potter

    34. phoenix 219

      Did anyone realize she said that she has nothing on and she was around her son

    35. Itzpluto2010

      If I were a judge I would give a 10 for everything

    36. La Goyita

      I wish I had an opportunity like this... I am homeless..

    37. أفكار رائعة Fantastic Thoughts

      Mr beast videos :50 millions views 1.4 M likes.. Aboflah Videos :7 Million views 2.5 M likes Lol 😂

    38. ItzDrake

      3:07 uH mIsTEr bAcOn

    39. JP Goldstein

      Get Grian to join one of the building contests

    40. Colby Grayson

      I love all your videos man I set and watch on fb for hrs!!!

    41. Øreo The ARTIST Sainz

      i never seen a house with CHICKENLEGS

    42. sakinah saad

      100000$ house!????

    43. Jaden Rakk


    44. Gravymajedman

      Breme rimes with dream


      She said she got nothing on bruh 😂

    46. Lexie & Luna


    47. Lexie & Luna



      Every video Blows up


      Bruhhh all this man channels be blowing up

    50. Jaivin Carl N. Mondres

      Bruh + meme = breme

    51. Neeraj.R Gaming Arena

      i like the editing of Mr beast videos

    52. Neeraj.R Gaming Arena

      i like the SpongeBob's house

    53. Justin and Jazper

      POV: your a builder and you understand the title

    54. 9_V0LT

      The discord is full. Constantly.

    55. Mikayla W

      is this supposed to be entertaining

    56. Lu Ar

      mr best is stupid.

    57. Isabelle Gaylor

      I wish I was a part of this. I’ve now been homeless for a week. My mom and I would have cried if I got this .

    58. Rylee Jade

      “ Chandler what happened to your voice” Jimmy: it got dumber Me: 🤣🤣🤣

    59. Buritto God69

      I subscribed

    60. Piper Lee

      Your so thoughtful and generous you are willing to get someone a house!

    61. Freddy wat


    62. may jane

      Poor Johnny

    63. yunisxn _

      Jimmy give me to stop making videos people are going to keep disliking then he won’t stop OK to me Jaime🙄🙄

    64. karen arias

      The breme house is from the two last videos of bruh meme

    65. TigerGlosson

      Jimmy the only one that happy to give money and buy ppl houses i will cry lol XD

    66. Tavin’s dumbo Friendly

      You know the State Farm commercial with the pizza what’s he gonna do with that bottle of ranch

    67. lilmil

      10:00 Hold up she had nothing on next to her son tf

    68. Matt Setchfield

      The normal pineapple house looks so good in my mind.

    69. Jace Babbel

      you should do a last to leav the jump zone

    70. Shauna Shiroma

      it's Chancellor

    71. Shauna Shiroma

      And I found out who it is

    72. Shauna Shiroma

      Hey mr. Beast I thought that he was been putting these emojis on

    73. Joaquin Klyde Gonda

      Karl is so much of a kidult because he always grade 10 for cartoon build

    74. Saif gaming

      Mr. B’s do you have a mansion

    75. Evelyn Ada

      Hi I'm only 6 and my mom has cancer please 1000 smackaroonys

    76. Alexis Psaraki

      Were is Cris?🤔🤔🤔🤔

    77. ItzNahid

      I built the same mansion in the thumbnail

    78. Rocio Calle

      I would not be surprised if that guy has an actual tattoo of sponge bob on him

    79. lunajt

      mr beasts son in 2059: If you build a planet i will pay for it...

    80. L. Parnell

      Send dream $80 million and a and Pepsi

    81. Mia.Equestrian

      The chicken one is like hows moving castle!

    82. big ooops

      Tip to always win these. Make sure ur the last to get checked

    83. denaco

      im not a hater but i think this is kinda of a scam bc ur gonna have to pay the bills and stuff :/ love em tho

    84. Car is Goated

      carl funny ash

    85. FindMeAtDiscordYT 6

      1:08 I like how Karl is acting like the expert on giving away houses while talking to Jimmy

    86. Mopotter 1947

      6:45 there’s nothing in his house any ways in the show

    87. sudaboyapati Rani

      Free house huh 😱😱😱😱

    88. Brenda Rivera

      What is Chris?

    89. Marilou Malana

      im did it

    90. Amazing Monke


    91. JaydoTheTornado

      Aww just all the happiness in that guys face. Me:omg he won his mom: good I have nothing on

    92. Lukas Hammer

      If I were their I'd bulid a stone and diamond 💎 castle.

    93. Younis Hussien

      I wish to be in a mrbeast gaming

    94. Younis Hussien

      You can not believe my love for you


      my sis be like 0:14

    96. Galactic gamez


    97. Daniel Hermann

      Shout out to the breme dude👍🏻

    98. Jesus Moronta2

      When they say Karl, the caption says: Carl


      I sub but don’t give me money I’m fine

    100. Jayden Brady

      8 year old be like make 1 by 1 where’s my house