I have never eaten such delicious eggs! Simple and easy to prepare! ASMR


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    I have never eaten such good eggs! Everyone in my family amazed by this recipe! Simple, fast and delicious eggs recipe. You definitely have to try it! Ready in minutes. A perfect idea for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Tasty, satisfying and very easy to prepare. Everything as you love! 😉
    Try this recipe and let me know in a comments how do you like it. Peace and Love🙋🏼‍♀️😘

    1st recipe:
    1/2 potato
    1 egg
    salt, pepper

    2nd recipe:
    1/2 potato
    1 egg
    1 tbsp canned corn
    1 tbsp bell pepper
    red chili flakes (optional)

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    1. Essen Rezepte

      ❗️Please enable subtitles in your language 🙋🏼‍♀️ Thanks for watching 😋🤗😘

      1. Swabj ml vula Lujja

        @JC Moochyu, are, the, best

      2. 100 miles

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      4. Michael Miner

        Looks scrumptious. Have to make this someday - thank you!

      5. Goytá F. Villela Jr.

        From Brazil here. The Portuguese title and subtitles were already enabled, but they contain a couple of errors: first, where it was "salt and pepper", the translation said "salted pepper" ("pimenta salgada" -- it should be "sal e pimenta-do-reino"), and where it was "bell pepper", it said "anatto" ("colorau", a kind of powdered vegetable red coloring -- it should be "pimentão vermelho"). But the images were very clear and both dishes look delicious. Too heavy for breakfast, I'm afraid, and too time-consuming for a quick meal when you're in a hurry and haven't fully woken up yet, but I'll be sure to try them for lunch or dinner some day. Thanks!

    2. Randy Bombardier

      Danke, Liebchen.

    3. roadtripboy

      Or start with frozen shredded hash brown potatoes.

    4. David Cattin

      Ooh, now I want eggs. I wouldn't bother to peel the potato. Those skins are very light and that's were the nutrients are.

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    6. Олексій Юхименко

      А укроп добавить, фашисты?

    7. Олексій Юхименко

      Нефиг молодую картошку чистить - в кожуре максимум витамина С

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    9. Guy Rondel

      Lovely! Brings water to your mouth just looking at it! Good vid, well done!

    10. Toni blackwell

      I'm going to try this. Thanks 👍

    11. Jonathan Deutsch

      A lesson on how to cut your fingers. The dish looks great, but a knife safety tip. The front point of your blade should never leave the cutting board. Don't drag it, let the knife do its job. Possibly sharpen your blades.

    12. Ivy Main House

      Next time put ASMR first before saying I have never eaten such delicious eggs as my ears got oblirated by your sound AND if i knew its ASMR i wouldnt have clicked but obviously the title is not BIG enough to show ASMR when its at the end, when you look at the right panel on u tube...and im not using a phone, im using 27inch Imac...so i paused ur video to type this and im not watching ur delicious eggs....its confusing is your video about eggs or ASMR or both, if its both then how on earth delicious eggs end up in a ASMR video...! What else is ASMR...everything could be ASMR....what am i suppose to do flag ur video? just pls put ASMR first! this way i dont click and so do all the other people that hate ASMR.. ASMR is NOT a normal video.

    13. Greta Veras

      Maravilhoso 👏👏👏

    14. Greg

      Ok, hash browns and eggs

    15. Алексей Савченко

      А где сало?

    16. Sencer Cetinkaya

      it is so clever to boil it a bit. i was doing this as well but wanted potatoes softer.

    17. Jerry Allen

      Now I'm hungry.

    18. Summer Hassoun

      absolutely love your videos so easy to follow ❤️

    19. Yasir 007

      I would do the same except I will use olive oil instead of the butter, but it looks delicious. 👌👏

      1. Essen Rezepte

        Thank you, Yasir! It will be also delicious this way 😋😋 Hope you enjoy it! 😋😋

    20. Amanda Teles

      achei o maximo

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      Miam miam

    22. Jon Marius Rønneberg

      This is a disgrace. Not lazy enough.

    23. Ted Spenadel

      Nice. But anything tastes great with all that butter!

    24. yi lee

      looking good.

    25. Sweet Heike

      Das sind Kartoffelpuffer mit falschen Zutaten :)

    26. MWH

      I love the sound...

    27. Sir Dee

      Siehst super aus

    28. Alex Amaro

      Obrigado pelas legendas em português. Adorei as receitas

    29. british eagle

      omg im hungry now lol yummy

    30. Janis Calaba

      Yummy!! I bet my grandchildren would like the egg and hash browns! Wonderful!!

    31. Pi Ko

      👍🏻 Dziękuję za super prosty przepis. 😋

    32. GZIS

      People who really can cook sell their skill. Others just do videos on youtube. World is in order.

    33. Diana James

      i am officially hungry now

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    35. yooperlooper

      Y-U-M-M-Y!!!!!!! Excellent, looks so good, but I'd have to flip my birdsnest potato egg over so it's not all runny. Definitely going to try

    36. John Zajac

      Schmeckt gut!

    37. Rob 3460

      There was no chopped onion? There’s always chopped onion!

    38. Adrea Brooks

      Helpful tip: put the hole in your potato patty when you first add it to your pan. It will hold together better, and avoid breaking apart on the spatula.

    39. Dave Nathanson

      If this was bread with a hole, instead of shredded potato, we would call it "GAS HOUSE EGGS". An old family favorite, my Dad used to make for us on special weekends. Any weekend is special when dad makes breakfast! :-)

      1. Brian Kay

        My pop made 'em that way too. He called them 'rocky mountain eggs".🍳👍

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    42. Дмитрий Ранов

      1. Драник с яйцом. 2. Драник с перцем.

    43. madcanic

      i h8 cold egg

    44. Lee Summers

      Saarland fritter.

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    46. Виктор Белов

      Под джазуху. Кайф

    47. Hugh Jarse

      Oh , Good God , I`m bloody starving looking at this!!

    48. Dr Spider

      ну и ... обычная интерпретация обычных драников ... добавьте фарш - будут вам зразы, добавьте сыр - какая-то французская а-ля чизкартофеля ))) тоже мне изобретение, такое русские каждое утро изобретают чтобы хоть как-то пожрать перед работой


      super divno

    50. Matthias Hartmann

      sieht gut aus und sehr einfach zu machen

    51. newsveteran

      "Butter:" Oh yea? Thanks for that clarification.

    52. Проверь Сам!

      That looks++++

    53. Donna Edwards

      Looks yummy. My cat 🐱 liked this video too.

    54. Jim Mitchell

      Loved it, will try. Great music as well! Jim

    55. Sérgio Cajado

      Rösti mit Ei

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      daine mudda hat dir das jesacht

    57. My Own Recipes

      excelente aspeto muitos parabéns.. 👍👍

    58. Data Glasses

      You had me at butter and Potato .....

    59. Joshua Linn

      Please mention temperature to cook at in the future. Thank you.

      1. Chipperjack

        Er, it's frying pan, requires a bit of observation, in fact is it even possible to measure the temp of a pan as it changes by the second. Stick to McDonalds mate.

    60. Stix Studios


      1. Essen Rezepte

        Many thanks!! 😘🥰

    61. Randys FiftySevenChevy

      50% of this is the amazing sound

    62. Drew

      Looks quite tasty, personally though, I would either cut waaaaay back on the parsley or skip using it all together....and as others mentioned, the music choice was a nice touch!

    63. Elio VINGAT

      Hummmm vou fazer

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    68. DannyS - Piano Connections

      SUUUUUPER ! intr-adevar un Channel excelent....foarte bine facut si mai ales util....felicitari si la cat mai multe clipuri !!!!!!!! (poate si niste idei noi cu produse vegetariene ce imita oul sau carnea... sunt pe piata acum cateva interesante)

    69. carpballet

      Just before eating pour three ice cold shots of Stoli. Do one shot. Then with your arm gently wipe half the food off the table. Do another shot. Sweep the rest of the food off the table. Finish your breakfast with the last shot. A perfect morning buzz.

    70. Steve Jones

      I was diggin the groovey elevator traks....oh, and the asmr style of presentation, thanks, now IM hungry for the main course~!

    71. R M

      Excellent! Thank you for your recipe!

    72. Bad Boy

      агылшыннан баска адам барма

    73. greentongueman

      I don't like these noises the food is making

    74. Love the music, it's like I'm in a jazz club

    75. Claudio Porcarelli

      Sieht sehr gut aus. Sind die Mengenangaben pro Person?

    76. Kern Chapman

      A great way to do potatoes!

    77. Nebucad LaVey

      Zitat:"Ich habe noch nie so leckere Eier gegessen..." - Dein Wissen über kulinarische Gerichte ist sehr begrenzt. Davon abgesehen ist das kein "Eier-Gericht" was du hier zeigst.

      1. Nebucad LaVey

        @Deadpool_8i Hat wer die Null gewählt, dass du dich hier meldest?

      2. Deadpool_8i

        Klugscheißer mag keiner so wirklich 🥺

      3. Marko Vukoja

        Jesus she's just making simple recipes for everyone to enjoy, there are people who'd rather make something fast and simple than spend 3 hours on a masterpiece

    78. Pablo José Galeotti

      exelente !!! gracias por compartir master of the universe...

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      в желудке все выглядит одинаково.. Зачем вы морочитесь с этой "красотой"? Эти рецепты для дорогих ресторанов надоели уже: конечно, если за такое блюдо платить $50, то будут и рожи на сковородке тестом рисовать и тычинки выкладывать. Обычная яичница на сале с луком будет такой же изумительно вкусной, и приготовится за 5 минут, и по цене будет в 20 раз выгоднее.. Всех благ!

    81. Демьян Бедный

      Лучше котику дай поесть,который орет на заднем плане))

    82. Frosch Frosch

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      This looks delicious... I will try your recipe and make a video about it... Thanks Essen!!!

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      Rösti, Swiss specialty! Add a slice of ham on top and you're all set!

    90. Roberto Baggio

      А как мычит то))) как-будто действительно приготовила и ест нечто оригинальное и вкусное)

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    92. Bob Marshall

      What a load of bullshit, Simple intuitive cooling can produce similar results. Nobody who can cook needs to follow recipes!

    93. Alan Rowley

      Why not peel the potato before boiling it? Much easier on the hands.

      1. T. Lukács

        Nutritional purposes

    94. Jonathan Wiggins

      That cat sounds hungry

    95. bobby3704

      why peel such a beautiful potato . Noiice video, thanks ! much happiness your way

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