Guess the Baby YouTuber, Win $10,000 Gift!

FaZe Rug

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    If you can guess the VIdronr from their baby picture, you win a $10,000 mystery Christmas gift!
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    Shoutout to Jarvis:
    @FaZe Jarvis
    Instagram ► fazerug
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    Twitter ► FaZeRug
    Snapchat ► "thefazerug"

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    1. FaZe Rug

      How many did you guys get right?!

      1. Nomvula Sibiya

        All of them

      2. Abdullah Alqahtani


      3. 39 Fr

        I’ve been watching for long like 4

      4. Vijay Thota

        How many videos do you copy

      5. aye yah zee

        I got Justin Bieber

    2. Alexah Ritter

      FaZe rug you're so sorry why you even doing

    3. Footedthread931

      ik it was jarvis

    4. It’s Jaden

      Cool video

    5. reshal fernandes

      love the last dare

    6. ccmplayz

      Faze rug was so cute as a baby 🤩

    7. Marcin Wojewoda

      all of them

    8. Sophiya Normatova

      rockin should have got the shoes and anthony should have got the ps5

    9. Car Pr0 24 gaming

      6:48 Tanners face tho

    10. Michael !!!!

      10:40 Sherman face's is tha face u make when u want something and ask's like u don't want it LOL

    11. Patrick McVey

      Cocaine prank

    12. Dragonoid Gamez

      C mon stop buying ps 5s I want one too

    13. ZJ Nottelling

      Is Addison rain summary sisters 🤔

    14. Maleeka Matraji

      Wth? How the hell is that James Charles?!

    15. fortnite boy

      me bruv

    16. its hamo

      Every one got faze rug for sure


      all of them

    18. Rafi Nejat

      rug was ct so cute in the pick XD

    19. Nirvaan games


    20. Mytical

      Imagine fighting about a toaster

    21. Raquel Otero

      Really he was crying I did not know that noah

    22. Kameron Mcguire

      Who thu just says yay to a ps5 and says no you didn’t to a touch screen toaster

    23. Raquel Otero

      I got none right

    24. Makai Banford

      Faze let me tell you Noah looks like friend

    25. AJ Charlemagne

      KsiI was talking all that shit that’s been in picture shows he’s a little girl

    26. awesome game time!


    27. good guys


    28. Soul Skull

      Who else saw when it was Noah Vs. Rug on the last two they didn’t 360. But rug still love ya pls give me a shoutout I love the FAZE Squad.

    29. EeeWee

      if you're gonna steal videos at least give credit to Jarvis who made the series lol

    30. tara godi

      this is such a good vid

    31. Hot voyage

      Give me the iphone 12

    32. Raylend Playz

      TANNER fox always wins he’s a goat

    33. Dylan Mann


    34. Have Fun with Xymi

      6:48 the teeth tanner was showing was hilarious

    35. E Smant

      the last one was so obivious

    36. Kalash Gaonkar

      6:48 look at tanner 🦊 face

    37. Simphiwe Kumalo


    38. Gaming Hub


    39. Raunak Trivedi

      Faze rug your baby picture looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and adorable

    40. Ryan Allain

      6:16 rug didn’t say anything

    41. Hazza_ Roblox

      sup rug rats ;]

    42. aye yah zee

      I got justin bieber

    43. Rodrigo Paez Dorta

      You copy this from jarvis

    44. Stu ff 1

      I peed my self

    45. Reina Hernández

      Noah vs rug noah when he got Addison right I ain’t no f#@!

    46. Sperfector Dawn

      I swear to God I said that there's got to be a PS5 in this 10,000 $ GIFT

    47. Sam Darnold

      I’d say Charlie damelio and Dixie are tiktokers

    48. Stepbro .Supreme

      Yo rug you finally reached 19 million subs everyone sub to faze rug get him to 29 million

    49. Abhidiptya Basak

      6:13 did he say the answer

    50. Youtube mouse Boy

      Fights these days… “he took my toaster”

    51. AsianVibes

      Tanner: KSI Me: how do you know that- ohhhh the big forehead i see

    52. Imsad MyaccountNoobyOofOofPlayzdeleted

      Well on my account that banned

    53. Imsad MyaccountNoobyOofOofPlayzdeleted

      Why not me?

    54. ALPHA MALE

      Addison Rae watching this👁👄👁

    55. Divyaansh Dubey

      6:49 the face

    56. Coochi Man

      Jesser watching this banger Jesser:the toaster😭

    57. Aaron Velasco

      your coping tap it at faze clan does but 3 wins and you have 2 but i dnc

    58. The Boys 123


    59. DukaDoes GRAFF

      Noah be like EMNINEM

    60. Sidharth Subhash Pillai

      2:35 Anthony looked at tanner and got the answer

    61. dresses N khan

      6:48 did u saw Tanner Fox?he looked sooo funny 😂😂😂

    62. Faz Rug

      I lvu so much

    63. Joshua Nathan


    64. laura gonzalez

      Did anyone else notice 2:40 he didn’t hit the buzzer so technically he didn’t actually win that round

    65. Jayce Arrington

      Brent was easy if you didn’t find that you’re crazy

    66. SalehCapalot


    67. Aminath Aika Ahmed

      i really like the outro song❤️❤️ love ur video's brian

    68. Koby Seton

      Faze was the only one that did not swear

    69. Koby Seton

      There was so much swearing in that

    70. Dixaar

      Noah is sooo funny LOL


      Get the f**** outa here


      Tanner cheated he only spin 14 times

    73. ikxers

      I like how all go like get the fuck out of here


      i got 69 right

    75. Game Boy

      Faze rug if you read this comment I saw Jake Paul in brawdises basketball game ik he loves basketball

    76. olebglow tv

      go faze rug

    77. Ibraheem Zaheem

      so much inside that bag

    78. Jaime Gonzalez

      guy said eminem the rapper :me uhh dose that look like Eminem ? b.rabbit to me? Eminem has a like a diffrent chin lol

    79. Stanley Secret


    80. Sulthan Fathel Barka

      you just copied Jarvis's guess the? videos you copycat

    81. MOTOIN Wolf

      3:08 what the freak does he says?

    82. Nicholas armstrong

      i was gona say mrbeast

    83. Salty Ayaan

      I made a meme out of 6:49

    84. Taylor Kidd

      Tanner looks like Justin Bieber

    85. Giraffelover909 - Roblox

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I LOVE THESE VIDEOS ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    86. Hunter Jurczyk

      Faze Jarvis did this first copied

    87. stingray

      Why did he have to go to California from my home state Texas and come back to Texas WHY

    88. Michelle Fawell

      I did not know tanner fox swore

    89. Kristen Beck

      i got 10

    90. tanvir akhtar

      T mobile

    91. soila trejo

      whhat is your real name

    92. Ossaid Mohammed


    93. kai Ong

      isn't that gage in the back?

    94. Dushyant Raghav

      you didnt say the full name david julian dobrik

    95. MMGE Properties


    96. Saud Patel

      Kk K

    97. FaZe Ion

      all of them lol

    98. faze miran kamer

      cause some times I saw from faze Jarvis channel and other channels

    99. faze miran kamer


    100. Elite JerryxAChamu