Destiny Rogers - Tomboy (Official Video)

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    VERSE 1
    I’m a girl’s girl, I’m a boss in a man’s world
    Yeah I can pick and roll pass ballerina twirl
    Skating through the city with my snapback on
    Still be looking pretty with no makeup on
    Hit Sephora quick, get a red lip
    But meet me on the court I’ll ball you up right quick, they be like baby baby how you get so fine
    But I don’t do know favors for the studio time

    My mama said marry a rich man, and I was like, mama I am that rich man

    Oh my me, oh my God
    How’d this girl get so fly, I do what you doin’ boy, doin’ it like a tomboy
    How’d this girl get so fly, I do what you doin’ boy, doin’ it like a tomboy
    VERSE 2
    Solo ridin’, barely tryin’, they know to call me when they wanna get it poppin’
    Sweet like some honey but I always go hard
    I don’t like the drama but I’ll finish what you start
    I’m makin’ sure you get the memo, yeah
    I’ll meet you up on any level, yeah
    Independent don’t need help, underestimate me, you’ll be playing yourself

    I’ll make a jealous girl my friend, I’ll make an ex want me again
    I got the best of both worlds, I can hang with the dudes get pretty with the girls
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    Directed by Kyle Camarillo
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    1. Remi F

      I won't stop talking about Lisa cause she brought me here.

    2. Jacqueline Lolik

      "And I was like, mama I am that rich man"🤞

    3. Laura Mamani hinojosa

      Destyni rogers!!!!!!! Tamboy!!!

    4. matthew brathwaite

      Destiny can collaborate with anyone her voice itself is a revolution!

    5. novita id

      SOON 30JT!!

    6. Anita Lucia Rueda Cardoza

      Los que la conocieron por Lisa 😌

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    10. Bfly Ames

      💃 L O V E I T ! ! ! SO F L Y! ! ! 🛹

    11. just liyouh

      This is really my song🔥🔥🔥

    12. dana davila

      2019-2021 fav song

    13. Cemre Kaya

      Thank you Lisa.Thanks to you I discovered this beautiful song

    14. ٍ

      Dear parents, just because your child is smiling at their phone, doesn't mean they have boyfriend or girlfriend, they are just watching this masterpiece!

    15. Kayliixe Playz

      what does your tattoo say ?

    16. Mansirat Kaur

      Lisa changed your life fr , I'm obsessed with the song ❤️ your voice is so smooth ❤️❤️ Ily

    17. LunGToN Casting

      Who's here after BLACK PINK Lisa's the movie

      1. LunGToN Casting

        @Kim Taehyung Sorry, but I'm not good at English.

      2. Kim Taehyung

        @LunGToN Casting when did she made a movie? Are the other members in it?

      3. Kim Taehyung

        @LunGToN Casting ._.

      4. LunGToN Casting

        @Kim Taehyung ^_^

      5. Kim Taehyung


    18. valmir nogueira

      Do nada chefe

    19. Army Blink

      blinks lets do 30m lets support Destiny she support lisa why cant we?

    20. Angie Melissa Flores Palomino


    21. Ashley Suastes

      Lisa black pinck

    22. Anshika janhvi Rai

      All thanks to lisa . Who introduced me to this singer, now she is my favorite, how well she sings, I became a fan of her...... And this song I'm gonna die🖤💜

    23. ł Blink ł

      Now I love this song, it got me addicted

    24. sunie shi

      Let's 30M

    25. iknow u-know

      I know you coz MarkTuan 😉

    26. Ananya Chakraburtty

      where's my 'found this amazing song before Lisa did a cover' squad at?❤️✨

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    28. Jen’ Vill

      А вот сейчас не поняла...

    29. SUGACUBE

      Underestimate me you'll be playing yourself❤️

    30. ben davis

      I’m both I’m not really girly but I’m funny and I’m more of a shy person in public places so I’m kinda girly and tomboy witch I think is really cool :)

    31. Nandini Joshi

      I randomly searched Tomboy on YT and this song showed up. Now im in love with this. This is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    32. Hải Ngân Nguyễn Phạm

      This Song mean???

    33. Elara Eclipse

      Blinks yes thanks to lisa we've found this song but please stop talking about lisa let's just appreciate this masterpiece

    34. Garima Mangla

      my favourite line - "My mumma said marry a rich man and I said I am that rich man".

    35. Hinata hyuga

      Not to be rude everyone crediting lisa instead of crediting the song artist and the choreographer who chose this song for lisa.

    36. Manh Nguyen

      Từ lisa đến đây:3

    37. Goodnight saf

      Wow 29m

    38. Mera Lissa

      Lili fillmmmmm

    39. Kashini Sharma

      istg i love this song so much

    40. Mehal ag

      Holy destiny this song is fireeeeee🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    42. Blackpink Lovely

      lisa views 🥺❤️

    43. Tanisha Barik

      Amazing song 💜💜💜

    44. Rosé Manoban

      This is such a bop

    45. Rosé Manoban

      I can't forget this amazing song

    46. Nini kim

      I actually heard this before then after lisa dance to this i remembered.

    47. arleth pera

      Proud af realizing I always vibe with this song before it became popular.

    48. ٍ

      Her name is Destiny, and I thank Destiny that made me know her

    49. Jenlisa official

      My favorite song

    50. Sonya Farida

      I love your song and thx for your good song and thank you Lisa for she’s supported and you supported too.☺️🥰 You are so cute.

    51. reetal

      الااغغنننييههه حححلللوووةةة 😭😭🥺🥺🥺 عرفتها من ليسا اف حلوووةةة 😭😭😭😭😭

    52. kim Samuel

      Esta cancion es realmente genial 𖧷

    53. Nawomi kiskiskis.

      se me hace tan raro ver en su video original DDD

    54. diizzygirll

      For days in my mind. But I can never find it. And I found it muttering to the google!!!!

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    56. Zachary Kram

      Love this song and I'm on my brothers phone BUT WE HAVE SAME NAME :D

    57. danna condemaita sanchez

      Vi que lisa bailo un baile tuyo y era una hermosa canción así que vine :3

    58. Moodycatz

      It kinda ruins the mood after looking at the comment section which is basically filled with "who's here because of a certain someone" or "who's not here because of a certain someone" it's ok to be here bc of that person who basically introduced u to this song or any other song for that matter, but literally every second comment is about that is kinda I mean Idk how to explain honestly but yeah...

    59. Melek Adiyan

      Lisa nın the movie sinden gelen blinkler kendini 👇belli etsin

    60. mayong revelation [R]

      Who's here for lisa

    61. Michelle Nten

      Where all my tomboys at😎😎😎

    62. Ada Morej�n

      Lisa bilo esta cancion y le quedo increible xd

    63. kasm usa

      Thank you, Lisa, because you danced on this great song, and because you are the reason why I got to know this great song.😭🔥

    64. Callme Nawiiiyaaa

      I’m listened your song everyday



    66. Camila Rubio

      No sé por qué, pero esta chica tiene un aire a Harry Styles xd

    67. Lali Bon

      After Lisa 😃✌️

    68. Srta. Park

      Mona Lisa 💜

    69. DARIN니키

      I literally searched for this song after watching Lisa and I loved this song and didnt know it was underrated.

    70. ٍ

      I can hear her mom silence when she said *“Mama, I am that rich man”*

    71. WORLD AsMr

      Lalisa monaban🔥😈🃏🀄🎴

    72. Sujal Ghale

      Now she earn lots of love of blinks by her singing style!!! And I am so proud to say that I'm one of them!!!

    73. Jonathan Peterson

      Saw Lisa's video and had to check this out. One of my favorite beats now. Badass song Destiny!

    74. Nisha Tamang

      Came her because of LISA but no one can deny the fact that this song is a bop

    75. Golden Viewer

      When you didnt come here from lisa._.

    76. Yeliz Ragimoglu

      Şarkı çok güzel Lisa kısa halini yapmıştı Sardı bana şarkı

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      I love this song

    78. NK ARMY23

      Before Lisa

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      best girl

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      Idk her voice sounds like selena gomez🤷🤷🤷

    82. Ayda en

      Thank you Lisa😍amazing song

    83. Kholsangkim Hmangte

      Before lisa it was around 12 million views. Now its 29 daym

    84. Frozen Monster

      Here from Lisa, but this song is really dope tho

    85. White X

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    86. Hi Its me

      I actually like this song not because of lisa but i know this song a long time ago

    87. smruti sikha

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      So cool

    90. linta's life

      Whos a tomboy here 😜

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      Lisaaaa ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Lilli

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        Lisa is. Only mine shut up

    92. XxmelaniexxgachaxX

      oh my me oh my god how this girl get fly?

    93. Palak Narvariya

      I don't know how many times I have watched this video or listened to it this week, I just can't get over this song

    94. Akibmi

      here from lisa

    95. Azalea Jones

      Nice good

    96. thanh tâm hoàng

      Hey girl your voice is so beautiful !!!

    97. Nancy Carbajal


      1. Nizrin

        Ikr same

      2. Wheeintae

        Good to know that

    98. laura husak

      la mejor cancion del mundo la amo desde 2019

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      Lisa BlackPink

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      anyone else gay