DANCER reacts to Lilifilm The Movie - Blackpink Lisa Reaction Review

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    Soooooo Lisa really did that to us... After seeing Lilifilm 1,2 and 3 when I found out this came out I just couldn't wait!
    If you guys want more Blackpink reactions, other than "Lovesick girs" and "How you like that" (since I already did those) let me know! And if you want to see anything else even if it's outside of kpop dancer reactions, let me know! :)
    I do not own the videos that I react to.

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    1. Radostina Petrova

      Hi there :) I've started using Twitter recently and I'll make on effort to actually post as well lol => You can send me some suggestions on there as well since sometimes VIdron comments can get lost! And if you ever share my videos on there please make sure to tag me :)

      1. Natalie Nguyen

        This is gas mask not covid mask. They planed to poison Lisa, but Lisa knew it and poison them all at the end.

      2. Rowel Dacles

        Pls react to.lisa say so cover tenchu

      3. Jesh

        Please react to AC Bonifacio's dance cover

      4. this is eclipse

        hey, can you react to the girl group LOONA??? they're a group with twelve girls and their choreography is one of the most intricate and in sync out of the ggs out there. dance practices recommendation: - So What - Butterfly - Why Not Orbits would be happy to see you watching 🤩

      5. Forever Young

        Did you see YouthWithYou season 3 from IQIYI ? Just out. Lisa is on fire !

    2. anacrris

      Her reactions?? Same haha

    3. Shiriannmazing

      Lisa's solo is near :)

    4. Candid

      I love hearing the technicalities of a dancer and makes us understand more the depth of their craft

    5. Trix Fernandez

      It's the gas mask not for covid.

    6. `Mãø Chérry bløßsm`


    7. `Mãø Chérry bløßsm`

      Very disrespectful U~U (˘・_・˘)

    8. Fary adj

      Lisa is like saying: You just have to worship me and i will do the rest and that's what i am doing

      1. Jiyeon Lee


    9. T G

      Your review and Jeff Avenue's review are literally the best explanation that I have heard on Lisa's dancing skills. That's why many people consider her as one of the GOAT among kpop idol dancers. She's legit extremely skilled and talented in dancing. If you compare them between Cheshir, Cheshir makes the dance moves difficult because she dances with power and she dances them fiercely, while Lisa's move is so fluid yet perfectly executed she doesn't even look like she's trying so hard at all. Cheshir and Lisa are the best subtle dancer duo to ever happen in KPOP i swear

    10. hemo hemo

      hi radostina.. love the way your play with your hair...

    11. J-film

      Actually she react about the song Charr ba

    12. Oliver Javier

      Fun fact: Lisa's back-up dancers are ALL famous choreographers. One of them even work with Exo's Kai. 😭

    13. Enigma

      "covid protection masks"

    14. gurleen Adventures

      Fun fact not really a fun fact The song that Lisa was dancing on has been my favourite song for more than 4 years so I was so excited to see her dancing on it and if you watch her cheography alot of times you can learn the dance pretty easily and that is what I did when for me atleast

    15. j halim

      If she's a dancer but all I see in her video is just she reacting to other kpop stuffs I wanna see her dance first

    16. jane’s delivery service

      and shes doing it flawlessly😭

    17. Sita's suggestions

      Why are all the comments so long

    18. Yunda Dewy

      Lisa My Queen

    19. Glecey Joy Patuga

      The song is called "tomboy" by destiny Rogers and Lisa just gave justice to the first line "im the girls girl, im a boss in the mens world" and the perfect line " my mama said marry a rich man, and i was like mama i am THAT rich man" darn. I love you for reacting to Lili film THE MOVIE aaaaack ill defnitely tell my crew mates to subscribe to your channel

    20. Jeon Jungkook

      She's like: *Gay panic*

    21. A Valentine

      Great're captivating to listen to. Subbed!

    22. K. Vy

      Love and supprt you from Thailand. ♥️ Thank you

    23. Elizabeth Robinson

      Awesome!!!Big Like

    24. chilolu20

      I feel like this was being mansplained, “she came out of a car” “this seems like it’ll be more cinematic, maybe that’s why it’s called the movie”, rather than state the obvious, watching you recreate it would be more compelling

    25. akun sk10

      Lisa - Taki taki react haha

    26. aymen fllouri

      If you want you can react to her dancing in a Chinese program called youth with you , last week she danced a boy group dance. And you can react to black pink choreography for rihanna b.tch better have my monney

    27. Krupa Kester

      i dont think its covid mask...its like the poker mask which they wear for the game and lisa also has the poker face throughout the song

    28. kamrai fatin

      She's "A Gift Of God"..

    29. Krishita Bhatia

      Can you react to itzy wannabe

    30. Prettiest Cow

      "Ooh I actually can't process that one too much now" literally me every second

    31. Ιωάννα Θεοδωρίδου

      Lilies please vote for lisa in king choise awards visual queen 👑 she is second with 5k difference!

    32. Coniferous Bug

      Please react to this new Lisa Dance from YWY3:

    33. Sunny Blink Teume

      can you do reaction to momo twice dance? because people always compare lisa and momo ... i want to know your opinion.. btw im a fan of lisa

    34. Nicole Laing

      The storyline was they tried to kill her but Lisa had the dealer poison their masks when they removed them and they ended up the ones getting killed while she walked away fine. I suppose it’s maybe in response to her haters. They always try to tear her down but she’s always still standing. She’s been body shamed and received racist comments since debut

    35. Farida Royani

      Just from the intro song i know its destiny Roger song tomboy

    36. catsruleable

      "Mama said marry a rich man, and I said momma I am the rich man" is a famous quote from an american singer named Cherilyn Sarkisian, in an old interview.

    37. Полина Сушкова

      Why i think author from Russia?

    38. Meira S

      lisa has real yumeko vibes in this

    39. jay em

      The only react video that matters to me. You are a dancer yourself so you know what you are talking about. You are also really pretty.

    40. luca taha

      lili dnce move was really amazing and neat clean also...

    41. Victoria Rose

      Honestly, I couldn’t agree more with this reaction vid. Lisa is SUCH a versatile dancer. She can switch flows so quickly and smooth. Love her swag. Here for it. She’s such an inspiration growing so far from home with no family members. My heeeaarrt ❤️ *thumpthump*.

    42. Vj De Castro

      You should also react to Kai of EXO. LISA AND KAI MAIN DANCER SUPREMACY.

    43. stich likes anime and Kpop

      she basically has been dancing for 20 years beacause lisa is around 24 years old and she started around four or five i think

    44. Juan Miguel Gabriel


    45. Baby rara

      No more sexual confusion 😆.

    46. Draco Malfoy

      Lisa isn't the main dancer for no reason

    47. Draco Malfoy

      could you react to ddu du ddu du it's over 1.5 Billion views and Jennie's rap was on fire

    48. Ionela Belu

      Lisa is not singing the song she just dance. The girl who sing is destiny roger

    49. Dreamcatchers in December

      ya should react to Lisa’s older choreo vids from X Academy

    50. Xian Chiao

      I love lisa. But I can't tell she's sexy. She's tall and she's so thin, I can't see her abs. I CAN SEE HER RIBS BONES

    51. Caralis Suwichpada


    52. Valentina

      Lisa queen

    53. Jolinnie

      Girl you talk too much. Lisa is the BEST dancer I've ever seen period. I really can't get over of this dance video (#lilifilm "THE MOVIE"). Damn she's so cool! Really! 💗

    54. วิวิศน์ชัย อภิลาภพันธุ์

      Lisa is phenomenal great dancer. Lilifilm Official is Lisa’s personal YT channel where she put together of her show case in dancing she can’t do with their group member. Please subscribe to her cannel in this link,

    55. AJ Orongan

      Can i have a question?😁 are tou still straight?😆❤️

    56. Bts Aremy

      Okg I just hate when you pause it

    57. Journee Mcqueen

      i would love to see you react to pretty savage ps jimmy kimmel or whatever his name is that is the best one they performed at

    58. h v n c e u r

      I wonder how it feels like being good at dancing cause I definitely can't relate and I like dancing but you know i can't when I check myself in videos since I don't get enough time to actually practice because I just keep doing freestyle which is horrible by the way

      1. h v n c e u r

        @Radostina Petrova absolutely, thanks alot. I actually dance in my room and I don't like to show other people that. Thanks for your kind words ❤️

      2. Radostina Petrova

        Please don't stop dancing if you enjoy it! Everyone starts from a beginner level, that's perfectly normal 😊 I actually quit professional dancing a while back, so Im not as good as I was before. But dancing is not about being amazing, its about enjoying yourself. I also have a feeling you're better than you think 😉

    59. Lisa Manoban


    60. Thai guy

      funfact lisa pass the korea odition with her b-boy skill

    61. Sa Yko

      please react to evolution of Arabic music 🎵🎵🎵🎵 love your react

    62. Wen Britz

      alternative title: dancer questions her sexuality for almost 11 minutes straight

      1. Radostina Petrova

        Lol 😅 can't argue with that

    63. bpkiss

      Are you Russian?

      1. Radostina Petrova

        No, Bulgarian 😊

    64. Cherry

      omg your last name!! 😍 vampire diaries stans iykyk 😉

      1. Radostina Petrova

        Hah I know! Im actually Bulgarian

    65. Moon Shadow

      React to Love like a flower by Flow Sister. They are like, the complete opposite to Lisa hahahaha

    66. Mark O

      She dances so effortlessly that you tend to forget how difficult this is. But as a non-dancer, looking at the backup dancers, they all look like their novices compared to her and I know one is her choreographer! I watched another reaction reactor and she said that one of the dancers is a very popular VIdron dancer that she follows and that girl doesn't dance nearly as good as Lisa. In fact to me she doesn't look like she's a pro at all but hey that's just my opinion. Having said that, when I watch black pink perform I very rarely think that Lisa stands out as a dancer. I'm told that she dump down her performances so she doesn't stand out. I'm guessing that's true cuz some of the performances she even looks somewhat clumsy!

    67. Irin Ruel Norwind

      I want to recommend you some videos!) I really love and enjoy dancing... And from k-pop industry I have two favourite dancers: Lisa (she's the dance queen ;) and Hyunjin from «Stray Kids» (and yes, I also highly recommend Stray Kids as a group). So I really-really-really recommend to you Fancam of Hyunjin in «Psycho» (cover of Red Velvet's song by «00s» group) and his dance in SKZ-PRACTICE ROOM to the TAEMIN's song «Criminal» (It IS absolutely illegal!). In my opinion, Hyunjin is amazing dancer, so I hope you will watch and appreciate it ^~^

    68. claris

      Pleaseee react to Wheein dancing lolo by destiny rogers IT'S SO GOOD, I NEED THIS REACTION

    69. taeyong’s frog

      i just saw a couple of your vids and i subscribed because omg i really enjoy listening what you think about certain choreographies by exo, taemin, bp and more !! also you should react to the “Dance Mentor LISA Show Time: Lover & Intentions” in the channel of iQIYI !!

      1. Radostina Petrova

        Hey 😊 Thank you, I really appreciate that! And welcome to the channel!

    70. chaeryul

      thunbnail: SEND HELP me: what happened!!! *sees title and Lisa* me: ok understood

    71. Catalano

      I'm new to your channel But I think that your reactions are quite interesting to watch. Thanks for making this. Anyway, back to the reaction.😃🍀

      1. Radostina Petrova

        Hey there 😊 Thank you, I really appreciate that!

    72. claudia diaz

      you have to react to lilifilm # 4! It is very good, by the way I love your reactions!

      1. Radostina Petrova

        Thank you and noted!

    73. prince bokuto

      lisa makes it all easy, i watch other dance covers from THE MOVIE but there is such a huge difference between the covers and lisa herself, queen indeed

    74. samyukta vp

      This is just a cover but what will happen if she drops her own solo song 😶🥵😶🥵😶🥵😭🤔

    75. yeethong kew

      The name of this song is called tomboy

    76. Swag It

      She makes it look easy ,, wiw.. and the most crazy part is that everytime you see her dance , you will also feel the want to dance with her. Like seriously 😳 .. She's just like that makes you wanna do what she does..

    77. dana sofia ramirez cabrera

      why she has only 9000 followers? she is amazinggg!!

      1. Radostina Petrova

        Hah thank you for that 😊 I really appreciate each and every subscriber ♥️

    78. Emmanuel Arevalo

      love ur lisa reactions

    79. Muhammad ramadhan

      Blackpink 👎🏻👎🏻

    80. Michelle Meza

      She knows how to dance b-doy 💃

    81. ilxgrd

      The thing I like about Lisa is that I never feel out of breath when I watch her. She makes every move look so easy but when you actually try to do this it's harder then you think. It's like watching russian ballet. You can never tell if dancers are tired just looking at their faces, because they basically can't show that they're tired. And I think that's what Lisa learnt from her childhood, and when she was a mentor that's what she meant when she told the girl that she must smile.

    82. Vilma Tejada

      Hello there! Well, what I say this beautiful lady. She our queen, a legend, an I icon.she is perfect.saranghae lisa.keep it up baby :-) :-) :-) :-)

    83. Percy-Fied Beauty

      You should check out Hyoyeon and her hit the stage videos plus a dancer's analysis of her style.

    84. Diamond Cascade Black Spring

      Gyul your reaction was just like mine... I could not even compute... You are right sometimes her dancing is so incredible you have to pinch / remind yourself she is human...

      1. Radostina Petrova

        Happy you could relate!

    85. prabh roop

      This song name is tomboy haha anyways your reaction is so amazing 😆

    86. Emily Archer

      YOU NEED TO REACT TO THESE: (LOONA) - Butterfly Dance Practice (super contemporary but absolutely impeccable) (LOONA)- Cherry Bomb Dance cover (more hippy but also amazingg)

    87. Justin Will

      Soooo.... I'm sure this is all over the comments already but 'Boombayah Dance Practice' reaction when? I don't know anything about dance so it's nice to have someone point out why a dance is so good. For me, i tend to get fixated on certain things and miss all the details.

      1. Radostina Petrova

        Noted 😊

    88. Guido Polese

      The girl with curly hair is the choreographer :)

    89. KRISHA

      black: boy vibe pink: more girly vibe

    90. KRISHA

      the others wear masks so lisa will standout

    91. Ketchupz Studio

      Just too goood .. tooo hot

    92. Broke Bitch

      Basically she is part of some kinda crime maybe ganster or cop the covid mask other girls were wear was moved later on, after removal they showed that they drip something on silver rings (actually some part of masks ) and then lisa throws card which is signal or something that's why all of other girls got poisoned or something like that . I got it The Movie ........

    93. Uki

      hi! I love your videos soo much and I listen to kpop, so please react to TWICE!!!!!!!!! Maybe a song named: cry for me

    94. Christhel Balmes

      Best reaction out of all the vid i watched,like ur the only one who noticed that there is a story line in this lilifilm,istg

      1. Radostina Petrova

        Thanks for that, really happy to read it 😊

    95. Lily BP

      reacciona a soojin....tambien es una buena bailarina del grupo gidle kpop :)

    96. Zombie Frog Gaming

      Lisa Thai Queen Of Fashion and Dance With The Legs 2 Match

    97. Sarah Hanmer

      I love how your an honest reactor 🤗👍🤗

      1. Radostina Petrova

        Hah thank you, I really try to be honest in each reaction!

    98. here to avoid people

      Dance machine

    99. nona 7

      Do dance cover

      1. Radostina Petrova

        That sounds fun, but also quite challenging!