Busta Rhymes - Where I Belong (Official Video) ft. Mariah Carey

Busta Rhymes

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    From the album "Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God (The Deluxe Edition)". Out now!
    Stream: conglomerateempire.ffm.to/ele...

    Official music video by Busta Rhymes ft. Mariah Carey performing "Where I Belong" © 2021 The Conglomerate Entertainment, Inc. / EMPIRE


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    1. Hans Solos

      1:55 yeah, do yr uneducated best to insult by showing a red burqa. Hardly muslim women wear red burqa. If this is yr visualization for cheap entertainment, sure, cos dont blame another artist in black face.

    2. Heidi Vitha

      Ya'll trying to do illuminati stuff in here by MIMI! I caught a hand language of thrown up devil shit from Busta and that was not cool! Idk what's up with music industry busta ya ain't gotta go that far I love you guys! You guys deserve much better ❤️😘

    3. Bora Zé zinho

      Cadê os brasileiros pra verem essa continuação do antigo video? Ficou maravilhoso dms

    4. Jacek Kuc

      Busta Rhymes what happen ? Hitted by bus ? old gradad , uuuuu

    5. Frying Raijin

      Jesus, it took them longer then Rick and Morty for the next season.

    6. Carla Leão

      Maravilhosos! 😍👏💛

    7. SweetGothicAnnyta

      So amazing, so exciting. Kiss from brazil. Be back 2000s year. New era for The R&B music 😍 .

    8. Krystyna Roman

      And the Legenda bring the legendary sounds again impresiv propos...props

    9. Aboudllh5654 12

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍 part 2

    10. Manny Candelaria

      “Come through, take it off, it’s getting longer!” That’s how the hook goes…… busta bus thinks he slick!!!!!! Lmaooooooooooo ain’t no, “come through, take it off, come on get it on girl!” Woooooooow!!!!! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ #SongFireStillTho #YouStillAIconInTheBizToMe #LegendStatus #MusicJunkie

    11. Chezale Presents

      It really don't make no sense how good everybody looks after 18 years. I actually got chills. Thank you Busta for maintaining your Artistic integrity and creativity. You know you're a GOAT when you can reference your former classics and create something new from it. This is art and a fire collaboration. Anotha one!! 🔥🔥🔥

    12. aprildaonlyqueen123

      This shit hot

    13. La Vaga


    14. Hugo De Carvalho

      Só quem curtiu os DVD'S de Vídeo Traxx nos início dos anos 2000 tem noção do quanto isso representa pro Hip Hop atual. Brasil presente. ✌🏾

    15. Tubarão df dj

      I love it!!!!!!!!!

    16. Aria O'Harra

      I can’t believe it’s been 18 years!!!!!

    17. RR

      I don,t belive that this is a new song and not a song from 2000

    18. Mohammed amine TRIKSI

      This is the shit we need ! MTV we miss the old days

    19. Amin Ahmed

      A woman with Afghani Burqa defended by Samurai ,,,, such a stoned director

    20. కꫀᡶꫝ

      Fun Fact: Both "Where I Belong" and "I Know You Want It" were produced by Rick Ross.

    21. Gaz Willz

      Mariah still looks the same as 18yr old Video while Busta looks twice the size.

    22. Shellbeeforreal

      The greats r coming for their necks! We missed y’all!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    23. Legolas

      Mariah Carey is beautiful

    24. L N

      Okay i see yall😍🔥🔥👀

    25. Mysta Legacy Official

      This is historically beautiful 💫 18 year's after 👏👏👏 wow!!! ''do records that last for 10, 15 plus years new generation artists'' 🌞

    26. De bO

      Eminem on the remix?... 😂😂😂

    27. amine jamani

      "The past is an animal that never stop until it catches u"

    28. Tracy Gagnon

      Finally some grown music to🤫😄🤭😄🤫

    29. Tracy Gagnon


    30. Mariah C

      Busta and Mariah still got it 100%. Time never changes real talent. I almost missed this song. Loved it.❤❤

    31. INTJ, EdD

      Now y’all know y’all wrong....even the video is the same. I peep what y’all did. “Baby, if you give it to me I'll give it to you. I know what you want You know I got it” PS: Why am I just seeing this?

    32. Martika Dandy

      They can do no wrong in my eyes 🥰❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    33. Lionman Crew

      Muito foda o bang !!!!!

    34. Bent Soltane

      Mariah and Busta, the perfect combination!

    35. #NLDR

      Interesting song. I liked the finishing part of it.

    36. Alexandru Mihai

      Finally a new good hip hop song, love old hip hop music. Peace

    37. MzVirtue ReLoaded

      Who watched I Know What You Want (Pt 1) before coming here for Part 2? 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    38. Sariah Salcido


    39. Albi Si

      The first one was and still remains the best for me, such memories flashed back, this is the magic that this calibre of artists make with their music 🙏❤

    40. Melissa Tercero

      Mariah and busta always make fire together!!😍❤️😍❤️

    41. Rob Vasquez

      Mariah is 50 here. Let that sink in

    42. ASMR lil VezZy

      Like another comment said this is a nostalgic moment really brings me back to the early 2000s and that’s when I was born 🤣🤣

    43. *ƤƛMЄԼƛ ӇƛƳ*


    44. Clement Chassaing

      Mono. What a pity.

    45. Rafael Factor

      So time travel is real

    46. nilesh lama

      damn after 18 yrs i was in grade 8 when his album it aint safe no more was released

    47. leclavierfaitpousserlescou*lles morray



      Love it

    49. pepsyc

      I believe this could have used a bit more work. To be able to match the success of ""I know what you want". that is an anthem....this seems...not to get close to that. Love Mariah and respect for Busta, great idea but....that is Mariah, should have been the Hit!

    50. Prototype One

      Be long sizing at rapsters rapture's seizing 2 n'timez play'd @ dope all while nawt here gar'z

    51. Too Shay

      They is a whooooooole mess for this 🤗🥰😍🥰🎥🎥🎥 only real ones understand how much MUSIC NEEDED something like this!!! GOD BLESS THESE REAL HIPHOP ICONS

    52. Jacob Gay

      Black excellence. Black royalties. Iconic. Legendary. Transcending time, generations, genres & personas. This is what epic looks like when someone say this is epic. Period.

    53. Kitchen Cartel

      Legendary 🔥🤯🔥💯

    54. Sorriso Smile


    55. Stella Mary

      Came after the busta documentary. Love this video even more.

    56. Margarita Avilés

      Saludos desde Chile 🇨🇱!!

    57. Zena

      finally something good to watch

    58. RELAPSE

      No old days. The gold days! 😭😭😭😭😭

    59. Ozo Ofodile

      part 3

      1. Stella Mary

        This is actually part 4

    60. Magda Lena

      Part3 plz asap 🔥❤️

    61. Unreal Reviews

      Why is Miss Carey even in this video? you got a leading lady past this...

    62. I.M.2BiZ

      Watching this vid now I didn’t realize that was Michael Jai White the whole time

    63. Marsha Julessa

      This song is 🔥 wish it was promoted more. Don't hear it is radio or streaming really. I get that it was filmed ore covid but this jam DESERVES to be our summer hip hop jam! 🙏🏾😊

    64. Mimi Ami

      Could anyone explain to me what this videoclip talks about please ??

    65. Sagemartingale33

      That's was amazing...super dope...

    66. Mihnea Roxana

      Where I belong???

    67. sena rosa

      BRASIL 2021

    68. Jimmy

      Man this is a banger

    69. Muci World

      Who saw trippie redd in the video

    70. Raphael Juniel

      Busta Rhymes and whoever came up with this idea for the video is genius. A direct sequel a true artistry. 90s still the best hip-hop had to offer. 💯

    71. kate bowes

      I was just looking for there old song and I came across this, so glad I found it cause these 2 together are on another level

    72. Ma Airene Vicente

      I wish all the 2000's songs have part 2. I'm crying

    73. Dinorah Apericida Dias Gomes

      I loved 😍

    74. Sly Cat

      It's just so good to hear REAL music again! I usually have to listen to old school R&B stations because this new stuff is a total disappointment. You can't understand the rappers and if you can, they're not saying anything relatable. The singers don't show range with anything and usually have a monotone note throughout the whole song. I guess more of the 90s artists need to start back making music like this!

    75. Bent Soltane


    76. Belznis

      Damn, waiting for that speed of Busta. And Mariah Carey with him too, damn this is one great song.

    77. Nozion Lema

      El beat hno..esta terrible brijido....le da too el corte.

    78. Natasha Byrne

      I love this music.👍💯

    79. Black Beauty

      ageist in hollyweird is real

    80. Sumon Roy

      Wtf was Durk in the music video for Effect ? He didn't do much

    81. jahnkonoo


    82. Gina Coates

      That song should have been left alone :/

    83. KYC HUSH


    84. KYC HUSH


    85. JGS Music

      Dude. The audio is way too compressed. Great song but needs to be mixed properly

    86. Deirdre Mullan

      Baby your the one that I want the one that I need 🥰

    87. Mysteriousbeats

      I see this as a sequel to I know what you want, Mariah is still damn fine

    88. Алтынгуль Аткиева

      Привет из Казахстана ❤

    89. Natan Jara

      There's still hope for the music, enough of the crap trap, this is music.

    90. Imso BADKITTY

      They belong together you can see they like each other

    91. CG Ily

      Why I discover this now? 😱 legend

    92. Alissa Martin

      Only 90's kids will understand!!!

    93. Jbd B

      Vibes❤️👀 Loving Busta and my girl Mariah 🔥🔥🔥

    94. Jovan Ramos

      Busta is my favorite rapper but how did his head get so big

    95. Mxolisi Patrick

      Good food 😋 for my ears 😂

    96. Cervando Alamo

      Mariah make a Spanish album

    97. Aline Marinho

      Isso é tão old school ...amei. I loved ;)

    98. maurer evans

      Love it sir

    99. M W

      I want more !!! I’ve been waiting for this for 18 looooong years!!