Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE!



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    These high-flying monster-slayers are destined to clash swords!
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    Xuất bản 7 ngày trước


    1. Ceasarexthemage

      Wonder what would happen if there was one that was Homelander V. Omniman V. Superman...


      Po vs Iron Fist... Really?

    3. Nuclear-Skull87

      Po vs. Iron Fist?! I think I am gonna go ahead and put my money on Po AKA The Kung-Fu Panda!

    4. leezy kush

      This doesn't seem fair at all fam saw the winner a mile away

    5. Gilberto Gonzalez

      Mikasa no puede detener balas con su espada xD

    6. About9000

      im not mad at the result, that's just the nature of this show, sometimes you lose. I'm just mad Rwby still exists.

    7. Tai-nin Inazuma

      *Omni-man (Invincible) vs Homelander (the Boys)*

    8. Kristine Hite

      DYSPO (dragon ball super) VS NEW 52 FLASH

    9. Jawsma10 1

      Omni Man Vs. Superman

      1. Jonathan Juarez

        Omni man is a planet buster while Superman at bare minimum is solar system level, Supes wins hard.

      2. Greenbit121


    10. Louis Rosas

      I laughed my ass off when i saw under blakes likes there was Yang

    11. Keyun Ellington

      This is a big stretch to me that this ending would actually happen between those fighters .but no I do not know the whites clothes girl anime that good

    12. Tristan Cummings

      It would've been funny if Blake killed Mika and said "Now that's an explosion"

    13. Terry Love

      Blake. Period 🤷🏾‍♂️

    14. Jerrell

      I think this wasn't a good match when I seen the thumbnail. You got somebody else or non-human with superpowers versus somebody who is completely human. As kick ass as Mikasa is this wasn't a good match.

    15. Cristian mendez

      Superman vs omniman

    16. Pang Chong

      Gorilla Gromm vs DK

    17. Kenshin Kirigaya

      I'll Unsubscribe

      1. Sharpie

        Why are u saying that like they’re gonna care?

    18. Kenshin Kirigaya

      Why can you just pick asuna

    19. Wolves Revenge

      I just love deathbattle music in the background its just so badass.

    20. Kenshin Kirigaya

      She has always a brute strength

    21. Kenshin Kirigaya

      Mikasa doesnt have a magic

    22. Kenshin Kirigaya

      Death battle if you want a fight for a sword to sword you should pick a fight with asuna and blake not mikasa

    23. Wolves Revenge

      Luck from black clover vs bakugo from my hero academia Luck vs denki from my hero as well Licht from black clover vs laxus from fairytail Endeavour from my hero acedemia vs yami from black clover Just some ideas might be some stomps or good ones.

    24. HilaHila The Kermode Bear

      I feel as if the powers of the Ackerman clan is understated in this episode.

    25. Nate Thompson

      So when we getting the Emperor of Mankind vs Thanos?

    26. Dusty Vaughn

      It wasn’t exaggerated that she has Titan’s strength. Repeatedly showed her carrying massive loads of steel or rock with one arm.


      Scorpion vs Ghost rider please!!!!!

    28. Jojo Michev

      Where has this been my life! This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen and definitely need more!

    29. Supratim Chakraborty

      Wow you guys transferred all Levi's moves to Mikasa like spinning blades and blades throwing.

    30. Brandon Gandy

      Po??? Really that's AWESOME

    31. Geminias

      Between semblances and auras I never even thought Mikasa had a chance but... I never really got the impression that Blake would be faster/more agile than Mikasa.

    32. Eggman Eggman

      When is levi added into death battle

    33. ReCall TGW

      I hate the OC from gringoland... who the hell is Blake and all the others "american anime girls" hahahahahaha.

    34. EmperorRekt

      Ghost Rider (Marvel) vs Spawn (Image)

    35. PeanutMuttPlays

      Gee, I wonder if there’s bias here.

    36. Matt Top

      Personally not a fan of battle music with vocals lol.

    37. Egg Rigg

      Or maybe Blake just had the home field advantage:D (like all rwby caracters..)

    38. Rinzler_ 72

      Omni- man vs Titan from megamind

    39. weeb

      Bruh are you serious it's a RWBY character of course Mikasa would lose not even a fair match up

    40. Sam Miller

      15:28 NO MONEY, NO TICKET!

    41. Ev'n Y'ng

      Po v Iron Fist hmmmmmmm..... That's different btw witch iron fist?

      1. CZERO/FOOL

        Mostly comics.

    42. Total FG

      When everyone realises the real winner here is eren

    43. Tony_Jr

      they tried to make it look close but this must've been the most unbalanced fight they had over here.

    44. Seno Adji A.

      Homelander vs superman

    45. Dvir Pick

      Not that I disagree with the statistics, but the way you animated it, when Blake lost an arm she should have passed out from the pain like Yang did.

    46. Zhao Yun

      Can you guys create a death battle video for Jason Bourne versus James Bond, please?

    47. Edward Reyes

      So this was another promotion for RWBY the show, cause other wise why would you face off non-magic with magic. There is always a winner with magic.

    48. Toxic Viper

      I literally wasn't expecting that!😂🤣 but u can't beat magic🤣😂

    49. Shane Reed

      Y’all should do Homelander VS Omni-man! It’d mostly come down to whether or not Omni-man could withstand Homelanders eye beams, but it’d still make a cool video

      1. Jonathan Juarez

        Considering that Omni man tanked an orbital laser I’d say he’d have no problem surviving homelander’s eye beam, plus Omni man is a planet buster which makes him far more powerful than homelander.

    50. Andrew Herald

      Mikasa is a better strategist and more skilled but she wasn't born on remnant and thus will lose.

      1. Jonathan Juarez

        Not exactly good logic, by that logic Superman would lose because he wasn’t born on remnant when in reality even the weakest versions of Superman would be one man armies in remnant.

    51. Carter Denton

      Monroe VS Chewbacca (Grimm VS Star Wars) Justin William VS Doctor Strange (Magic for Human VS Marvel) Yes, I am fully serious about both of these fights and would love to see either one.

    52. Roman Capulus

      SPOILER 15:44-Like I said… AoT is overhyped

    53. blake bright


    54. Travis Ramirez

      Great animation. Not really a fair fight for poor Mikasa. Fun though!

    55. Samuel Saucedo

      Lately these have been feeling more and more mismatched

    56. Ronald Wray

      do batman vs daredevil

    57. elfinheimer

      Am i the only one who hates the animated sections

    58. joe abaasa

      Hey guys, could you do Omniman vs Metro-man?

    59. Tyler Brown

      Firelord Ozai vs Endeavor

    60. Marco Gorman

      This was stupid why you putting an overpowered character versus an underpower character. The matchmaking was terrible in this one

    61. the angry avengers endgame ps4 nerd

      Who wants attack on titan vs my hero academie? Who wins?

    62. TheRMeerkerk

      Mikasa: All civilians need to evacuate! Blake: Leave me alone! Mikasa: I guess I have to mercy kill someone.

    63. Armoni Qualls

      They are using info that has been debunked in the literally series.....yet y'all still take DB seriously? Couldn't be me

      1. SirKillalot98

        What info?

    64. Dachi malatsidze

      wasnt even fair fight mikasa just have an gear and she had an magic powers well like u trash *death battle* kids makeing so bad cotenct

    65. Jeffery Johnson

      You guys better do something it's about to be some arguments Omni vs super 😲😂😎

    66. KingWB

      Boo this wasn't even supposed to be this close lol

    67. NPC

      So another mis-matched fight with one person having the clear advantage. Maybe 10 years is too long, you're obviously running out of good match ups

      1. SirKillalot98

        Blame the fans for requesting this because the characters are similar. or Mikasa being very slow.

    68. Jeancarlo Herrera

      Should do a Death Battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Gon Freecss

    69. deadpool vs deathstroke

      Next:po vs iron fist (kung fu panda vs marvel)

    70. Zachary Ames

      Please do ivlis vs. rias gremory, saya vs. kenshin, revy vs. jack slate, claymore character vs. ?, gangsta character vs. ?, B.J. blaskowits vs. caption America , shinobu vs. hibari,. invincible character vs. ?, and mfkz character vs. ?.Please reply to me I really wish you would l would love feedback ALOT, please.

    71. HefeP

      Omniman vs Homelander please.

    72. blabla7360

      Invincible vs gohan make it happen

    73. SalvSays

      Next on deathbattle! MERUEM from hxh VS a regular ant!! Why?! Well.. bc they’re both ants! Clearly similar. Therefore comparable And worth doing the fight!

    74. SalvSays

      This was a dumb death battle... you have to make the death battle participants comparable. Not a normal human without any advanced technology and a super fast super strong magic person. 🙄

      1. SalvSays

        @SirKillalot98 🤷🏽‍♂️

      2. SirKillalot98

        In defence, people actually requested for this to happen. Some 'critics' thought that Blake was weak.

    75. Rassenomatjutut

      Sauron vs Makuta (Lord of the Rings vs Bionicle) Kopaka vs Cinder (Bionicle vs Killer Instinct)

    76. MiraiMemento

      This was a mismatch from the start

    77. Michael van Niekerk

      Not enough comments on the great animation on this one. The animation was superb! I don't even like 3D anime, but this was really good to look at

    78. ZaWeeaboWarrior

      After going back and watching Goku v Superman....Could we see Gohan vs Invincible??

    79. Matti the God Eater Smash Bro

      And now they changed the thumbnail again back to how it looked like before

    80. Bernabe Dusaban IV.

      Yeah an opponent with powers and magic against a person with swords and skills. Screw attack u death battle

    81. Magi Anims

      Or asta vs meliodas

    82. Krueger Pool The 13th

      Saitama vs Spawn

    83. Magi Anims

      Do levi vs zoro next pls I mean we need some more aot content

      1. SirKillalot98

        Eren Yeager vs Kaneki Ken. We may as well get the Titans involved in a big monster fight.

    84. João Pinto

      Boomstick: It’s like running away is her superpower Blake: Dude...

    85. Shaun Moreau

      Max Jenius from Macross vs Char Aznable from Gundam

    86. Kyo Main

      Kyo vs Ryu plsss

    87. gioyu comi

      “Man, they go through swords like coffee filters around here”

    88. toasted chilly

      Ok..whrn is Weiss and ruby getting a turn

      1. SirKillalot98

        Weiss literally fought Mitsuru.

    89. It was Walpole

      Princess Azula (Avatar the Last Airbender) Vs Flame Princess (Adventure Time) V (V for Vendetta) Vs Ezio (Assassin's Creed)

    90. Dipesh Dulal

      omniman vs superman

      1. gioyu comi

        More like they'll just spar

    91. ii_Ixq

      12:25 death battle starts

    92. Matthew Schwartz

      "Ginger Kylo Ren" goddamn lmao

    93. LeeRoy Brightman

      Wow, the rooster teeth IP won on the rooster teeth IP. Who could have guessed.

      1. SirKillalot98

        Weiss lost to Mitsuru

    94. Chris Wysocki

      Didn't even use update gear or data with Mikasa, but used every season for ruby okay

      1. SirKillalot98

        It wouldn't have mattered. The stat difference is the same. Blake would have dodged everything Mikasa had and just need to land one slash/bullet.

    95. Zed Sammie

      If this was Levi instead would the results change?

      1. Zed Sammie

        @SirKillalot98 😂😂😂

      2. SirKillalot98

        @Zed Sammie Well gg. Levi > Logic he wins my heart too.

      3. Zed Sammie

        @SirKillalot98's Levi tho

      4. SirKillalot98

        Not really. Mikasa was scaled to Levi speed wise, but Blake stomped in that regard. Levi uses the same weapons as Mikasa so AP doesn't mean much. He is only more experienced at base.

    96. mafaki bungsut

      Azula vs Dabi. Bluefire

    97. Benneth Bugna

      Fuhrer King Bradley from FMA Brotherhood VS Omniman from The Invincible.. please? XD

    98. korby larson

      Can you guys do a battle between atom from DC and Antman from marvel. There basically the same but not

    99. Leonardo Gutierrez

      Who in there right mind would suggest this fight in the first place when it is clearly one sided. I don’t like the fact that death battle is just hyping up RWBY characters more than their opponents. And also I want to clarify something to the death battle cast, Blake is not as fast as lightning just because Mercury dodge a lighting that was way to slow to be a natural lighting speed. And wasn’t ruby stated to be the fastest in the team, and she is only able to go as fast as 195 km/h so yeah death battle cast do your research better.

      1. SirKillalot98

        Mercury's lightning dodge isn't real because you could see the lightning? That is what animators do, otherwise you can't see the action at all. Like Dragon Ball fights aren't in real time. I am more inclined to believe Maiden lightning is natural when it comes directly from clouds. And that maidens are centred on altering the weather. Practically everyone relevant scales to the lightning feat REACTION wise not movement wise. Where did you get that speed metric for Ruby? I know out of the main four she would win in a foot race.

    100. NOX 141

      Do rick from rick and morty