ATEEZ(에이티즈) - ‘불놀이야 (I'm The One)’ Official MV


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    Release Date: 2021. 3. 1. 6PM (KST)
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    #ATEEZ #에이티즈 #FEVER_Part_2

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    1. Jaffet Hervas


    2. Rienna Selvaraj

      I don't know if anyone mentioned this. But seriously I'm so addicted to Mingi's part. I love how he always come after the word 'FIX ON'.

    3. Zeeta Atiny

      Hola resucite, me hecharon del cielo, me dijeron q mejor estoy aquí y q mi misión es apoyar a ATZ y de allá abajo me dijeron haz lo quieras.

    4. Mar Lis

      487k Atiny, no dejen de venir a este mv :")

    5. Maya Flores

      ATINY if u watch them react to the MV hongjoong says if this how they give spoilers now when this ending backtrack came on soo im thinking maybe they did the same thing. In THANXX MV the ending had the (불놀이야) Im The One backtrack sooo maybe their next Come back this ending is their next Comebacks backtrack

      1. ParisAndTheUniverse

        @Maya Flores September is a possibility. Having a cb soon after Kingdom would help keep the new fans gained from the show.

      2. Maya Flores

        @ParisAndTheUniverse yeah i think their cb will be in september, october, or november because they have a cb every 6-7 months

      3. ParisAndTheUniverse

        It could be. If we're getting a summer comeback (which it's strongly implied w/ the recent hair color changes), we'll get two tracks & have a vote like w/ Fever Part 1. So the ending backtrack could be one of the title tracks or it could be a b-side to keep the two title tracks a secret.

    6. May Chai

      513 108 to 25m I have to write so yt knows I'm human :)

    7. Anisatul azizah


    8. Lee_Choi San

      Mood:haciendo str34m desde el amanecer ^-^

    9. Paula Lopez

      No entiendo el hate que le hacen a Ateez, Ateez viene de una empresa pequeña, no consigo todo lo que tiene haci de gratis . Les costo años, dejen de hacer hate por favor no consiguen nada con eso, son estupidxs? diganme que ganan insultando???? La verdad Ateez merece el reconocimiento que tiene, se lo merece y nadie se lo va a quitar. YA ME ENOJE, SUFRI, LLORE, ME IMPORTA UNA M*ERDA SI DICEN ALGO MALO DE ATEEZ. ATEEZ SON LOS REYES DEL KPOP Y DE LA CUARTA GENERACIÓN. SI PENSAS QUE NO, BUENO LEE UN LIBRO, INFORMATE, HACE ALGO PRODUCTIVO. ATINYS SI SOMOS MÁS MEJOR, NO SOMOS NINGUNXS BAGXS

      1. Janet Viveros

        No hagas caso de los malos comentarios eso hace daño, lo mejor que podemos hacer es apoyar a ATEEZ ellos si lo merecen, cuídate y come sanamente se feliz atiny y tranquila esta bien :))

    10. Tree Joong 5

      the fanbases has been a mess today, atiny if you really have some fanbases to trust FULLY, then please follow their guides and directions. Im tired when we dont have much loyal atinys, especially when they make a bad frame for ateez themselves.

    11. k Trini

      from here go to am the one one fan cam from hanbam. its fun

    12. pathetic


    13. Lizandro Cervantes cruz

      I`love video

    14. estefania. gloria.alh


    15. rizki widya

      482.325. You're doing great guys. Keep this pace.

    16. Give Mingi Main vocal position {lune}

      Atiny~ voting will start TODAY ON 10.00 PM KST IN WHOSFAN APP! Set your reminder and try to get ur votes in! If the app crashes today it's okay! Wait for a bit and try again later, we have 3 days so be patient! If u're done with all of ur accounts, do consider making more cuz remember atz ranked 5th in the introduction stage. Don't think you're fighting alone cuz we're together in this! Thank you for everyone who's still str3aming, both silent and not!

    17. Janet Viveros

      Next Wonderland, fighting atiny :))

    18. Allison ST


    19. Alya Irdina


    20. Diana Kelly

      Últimamente el odi0 injustificado a Ateez y Atiny es realmente increíble y estresante, por eso siempre vengo a ver tanto contenido de ellos como pueda, para así despejarme de todo. Neta hay muchas razones por las que deberíamos darlo todo por los chicos, no sean un fandom conformista y apoyen al grupo tanto como pueda porque lo merecen un montón.

    21. veronica quispia

      Perfección 💜😍

    22. Valerya Maguiña

      Always we do the best music bro

    23. neknarf1973

      These guys give us so much. I'm so thankful !!!

    24. neknarf1973

      My goal is to reach 30 million by the end of this month

    25. Valerya Maguiña


      1. Janet Viveros

        Si esta Seongwa, el que no está es Mingi tiene hiatus que es como una enfermedad de ansiedad y esperemos pronto se recupere y regrese pero su voz si esta en la canción y Seonghwa es el primero que aparece cantando :))

    26. neknarf1973

      Atiny, you are amazing. Let's keep it up

    27. Ashley Anderson

      Where is Mingi

      1. Ashley Anderson

        @neknarf1973 thank u sooooo much!!!

      2. neknarf1973

        He's resting and recuperating from health issues

    28. Hailey

      Wait does anybody know what the ending was? Is it a spoiler for their next comeback??

      1. neknarf1973


      2. Diana Kelly


    29. haneulbi skyraind

      I'm back XD

    30. juyeonie

      mingi go solo bestie!

    31. juyeonie

      Wooyoung fatphobic

      1. Diana Kelly


    32. Jime Militia

      necesitamos llegar al millón de me gusta gente

    33. May Chai

      530 522 to 25m There's something about Hong Joong being so interesting

      1. neknarf1973


    34. Şevval Görür

      anti : a- ATINY : SHUT UP. ATEEZ IS THE BEST.

    35. car

      they dance with so much power and energy how is their stamina so good?

    36. Şevval Görür

      Sadece nasıl istiyorsan öyle yaşa , Senin hayatın

    37. Şevval Görür

      Bulunur mu ATEEZ'den iyisi be...

    38. Şevval Görür

      anti : A- ATINY : Shut up. Ateez is the best.

    39. Şevval Görür

      Tamamen yaralansak bile, eğer beraberken gülümseyebiliriz. ~♡

    40. Şevval Görür

      Mingi şuanlık olmasa bile onu unutmayan 7 melek...♡

    41. Şevval Görür

      Türkiye'nin şehri Şanlıurfa'da bulunan göbekli tepenin geçmişi 12 bin yıla kadar dayanmaktadır. Türkiye'nin Karadeniz kıyısı tam olarak 1650 kilometre uzunluğundadır. Dünya'da en çok ziyaret edilen ülkeler arasında Türkiye 6. sırada yer almaktadır. (Niye yazdım bilmiyom belki işinize yarar :p ♡)

    42. Şevval Görür

      Mingi rap + Hongjoong rap = Atiny died



    44. Janet Viveros

      I'm back! :))

    45. Andrea Campos

    46. Matheus Montiel


    47. Allison LL


    48. Na Jaemin

      It's late, this, Wonderland, Jongho OST #1 and sleep :)

      1. Janet Viveros

        Good night, sweet dreams :))

      2. May Chai

        Good night :)

      3. Julia Domańska

        Sleep well :)

    49. Chloé Dorce

      I’m not even an atiny, idk why I just keep coming back to this song regularly and it always makes me wanna know them, they’re so intriguing, especially woo young an seongwha (I guess)

      1. Chloé Dorce

        @Error 404 ok thanks 😊

      2. Give Mingi Main vocal position {lune}

        @Chloé Dorce No problem and yes, maybe u want to check Answer and Inception as the comments above me stated. Both of them shine brightly there

      3. Error 404

        Check out Answer on KQ channel. You will be mesmerized by Wooyoung and Seonghwa. But who am I kidding, they are all great.

      4. Chloé Dorce

        @Give Mingi Main vocal position {lune} you’re so nice thanks !

      5. Give Mingi Main vocal position {lune}

        Thank you for loving the boy's work! If u want to know about them u can watch some guides! "A HELPFUL GUIDE TO STANNING ATEEZ" by ETINI is the one i recommend cuz it covers their personalities for introduction very well! After that, u can check their reality show, it goes by : *KQ Fellaz (predebut) --> Code Name is Ateez (predebut) --> Ateez Wanted --> Ateez Treasure Film --> The Long Journey --> Ateez Fever Road.--> Ateez Salary Lupin* u can just search it up in yt! If u want to know specifically about Wooyoung and seonghwa, they have a personal contents in ATEEZ youtube channel. Seonghwa's content is ASMR and wooyoung's is a cooking class. It's very entertaining so u might want to check that out too ^^ feel free to ask anything!

    50. Thayli Soria


    51. black pearl studs

      I'm the one in my zone

    52. Mimikim2494

      Gonna take a rest for a while will see ya all later! Ateez fighting!

    53. Ana Monroy

      I'ma miss San's pink hair but his new hair looks amazing on him :) Petition to call Seonghwa a cherry bc of his red hair

      1. Give Mingi Main vocal position {lune}

        Cherry is cute but Hwa is a strawberry >

    54. Hadjer


    55. Hadjer

      Fighting y'all

    56. why리나

      30k likes more

    57. Nurhaleeza Raduan

      Fighting for today!

    58. Yngrid Medson

      Está tudo tão perfeito O vocal do jongho então ? Meu Deus

    59. Yngrid Medson

      Owners of my heart 💜❤️❤️

    60. Coco Soria

      Vergüenza ser de esos 19k de dislike. Quieran o no ATEEZ WORLD DOMINATION

    61. Agust D


    62. Eden Harimon

      Make a playlist of just this song and click the repeat button 🔁 stream atiny. STREAM!!! 👁👅👁

      1. Eden Harimon

        @Give Mingi Main vocal position {lune} it's okay☺

      2. Give Mingi Main vocal position {lune}

        @Eden Harimon I apologize! As the person above me said, we just want to make sure cuz there are many assumption >

      3. black pearl studs

        @Eden Harimon I figured, but I wanted to make sure others did not take it seriously. There were so many deletions from just this mv I suspect there are still people on repeat. TT

      4. Eden Harimon

        @why리나 it's fine🥰

      5. why리나

        @Eden Harimon sorry........

    63. Amicus ad aras

      24 448 006

    64. Juliana da silva


    65. Loren Granados

      I watched this 150 times already

    66. Loren Granados


    67. Marit Duong

      This song is a masterpiece and deserves better

    68. Yngrid Medson


    69. A K

      How they exist?

    70. Melek


    71. Nicol Universe

      I'm the one in my zone

    72. Melissa Joaquin


    73. ateez made me straight again

      ateez is the revolution(thank god)✌︎('ω')✌︎

    74. Elmo sabe donde vives :v


    75. Hongjoong'un Sahte 36 Doları

      300asır sonra yaşam belirtisi

    76. A'TIN-tweetybird WATCH -WHAT MV OF SB19

      mY FILLER!

      1. Julia Domańska

        I see you bestie. Thank you ;*

      2. ทyʍ૯ l¡αท

        Thanks for the support ^^

    77. Nina Fontes

      Road to 25M

    78. shashirah

      Anyone else who is think about the same thing with me that this group is the next Block B or BAP? Because everytime I see them I remember Block B and BAP. That's why I love them 💞😍

    79. STR4W0NN13

      siento que el sonido final será parte de la saga *las canciones de ateez que inician con el final de otra*

      1. ทyʍ૯ l¡αท

        la saga completa: precious treasure thanxx fireworks (?

      2. STR4W0NN13

        re chota mi explicación * desepción *

    80. Balsam Alkubaisy

      Wow amazing good job

    81. Big Minion


      1. ทyʍ૯ l¡αท

        Cómo no amarlos

    82. Alejandro Ruz


    83. A'TIN-tweetybird WATCH -WHAT MV OF SB19

      Go Ateez! hello A'tiny A'tin here

      1. Julia Domańska

        Hi :D

    84. purple galaxyz

      1m likes is coming fighting atinys!

    85. A'TIN-tweetybird WATCH -WHAT MV OF SB19

      nice MV! A'tin here.

    86. Helen Alsaade

      Fighting Atinys

    87. Helen Alsaade

      970k like ^_^ 1 million coming soon

    88. Helen Alsaade

      Go to 500k Fighting


      Hadi ya 30M ol artıkkk




      Selam Atiny


      1M like a geliyorrr




      Yarın KİNGDOM var Atiny whosfan dan oy vermeyi unutmayalım


      25M için devamm

    96. SHERIIXaudio


    97. starlee

      Atinys continue stre4ming correctly Wave Overture, Answer, Yeosang Omniscient #2, Sanchelin #1, Wooyoung O.S.O.S #6, and all the other MV's/official content!

    98. Nusabe Agayeva

      Come on, Atiny, don't stop.

    99. Nusabe Agayeva

      어서, 아티니, 멈추지 마세요.

    100. Nusabe Agayeva

      Let's do more str34m